Kantai Deck Tech – 2nd at 2014 NA WGP Nationals

Akagi Eats a Lot

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be exploring the deck that went to the finals of the 2014 NA WGP Nationals: Kantai!

This article and interview are brought to you by Nick Kosyak.

This series has been analyzed and featured numerous times in the past. New cards that haven’t been seen and some cards that may have only been seen once before will be introduced. The most familiar cards will be skipped.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used.

Let’s look at the list!

Level 0 – 16

3 Hatsukaze, 7th Kagero-class Destroyer (KC/S25-006)
2 Maikaze, 18th Kagero-class Destroyer (KC/S25-007)
1 Kagero, 1st Kagero-class Destroyer (KC/S25-011)
3 Inazuma, Blunderer (KC/S25-061)
4 Ayanami, 1st Ayanami-class Destroyer (KC/S25-044)
3 Hibiki, 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer (KC/S25-056)

Level 1 – 16

4 Shimakaze, Shimakaze-class Destroyer (KC/S25-003)
4 Верный, “Trustworthy” Destroyer (KC/S25-038)
2 Furutaka, 1st Furutaka-class Heavy Cruiser (KC/S25-047)
2 Yahagi, 3rd Agano-class Light Cruiser (KC/S25-010)
2 Noshiro, 2nd Agano-class Light Cruiser (KC/S25-025)
2 Compass (KC/S25-031)

Level 2 – 5

1 Zuikaku, 2nd Shoukaku-class Aircraft Carrier (KC/S25-004)
1 Maya, Full of Confidence (KC/S25-T19)
2 Zuihou, 2nd Shouhou-class Light Aircraft Carrier (KC/S25-134)
1 Shoukaku, 1st Shoukaku-class Aircraft Carrier (KC/S25-005)

Level 3 – 5

4 Akagi Kai, Akagi-class Aircraft Carrier (KC/S25-035)
1 Kaga, Kaga-class Aircraft Carrier (KC/S25-036)

CX – 8

1 All Airplane Squadron, Begin Launching! (KC/S25-033)
4 Swift as the Island Wind (KC/S25-034)
3 Akagi of the First Carrier Division, Deploying! (KC/S25-075)

At level 0, we have 16 characters and a new face.


If you control no other characters, Ayanami, 1st Ayanami-class Destroyer gets +2000 power. It gets +X power until end of turn during the turn you play it, where X is the number of characters your opponent controls times 500.

At level 1, we have 14 characters, 2 Compasses (it almost goes without saying these days!) and a couple of new support cards.


Furutaka, 1st Furutaka-class Heavy Cruiser has a 0 stock +1000 power Backup ability. When you use its Backup ability, you may reveal your hand. If you do and you reveal 1 or more CXs this way, you choose a character you control in battle, and it gets +1000 power until end of turn.


When you use a Startup (activated) ability, Noshiro, 2nd Agano-class Light Cruiser gives a character you control +1500 power until end of turn. This ability triggers up to once per turn. (Trivia: A Backup ability is indeed a [S] ability, and if used during your opponent’s turn, Noshiro will trigger!) You can also pay 1 stock to give a [Light Cruiser] character you control +2000 power until end of turn.

At level 2, we have 5 characters and a couple of less-seen characters.


Umi Maya, Full of Confidence gets +500 power for each other [Fleet Girl] you control.

At level 3, we have 5 characters, and one less-seen ship.


Kaga, Kaga-class Aircraft Carrier gives all other [Fleet Girl] characters you control +1500 power. When you play it, you can put the top two cards of your deck under it as markers. At the start of your opponent’s attack phase, you can pay 3 stock. If you do, choose one of your opponent’s characters and that character gains +4 soul until end of turn. At the beginning of your draw phase, you put all markers under it into your stock. (This is a mandatory ability.)

The CX spread is 3 1k1 + Gold, 2k1, and 1 1k1 + Bounce.

How do we use this deck? What are some of its strengths and potential weaknesses?

Nick: The deck is very simple in my opinion. The only thing is that I’m used to playing YuGiOh where I can tutor almost any card I need to answer a certain board state, that is why this deck runs so many 2-ofs and in that lies its difficulty. Due to it having a large variety of options, the quantity of each must be compromised. At which point it’s just a matter of judgement and experience with the deck, and the match-ups that guides your way. The goal of this deck is to set up Noshiro + Hatsukaze in the back, Hibiki in memory and ideally Yahagi in the front for optimal setup at around Level 1, after which the deck is fairly auto-pilot. Shimakaze can search you almost any answer, or set up your late game, Yahagi hits very large numbers and doesn’t die, Verniy is free and in the unfortunate scenario where a gold bar is triggered Furutaka makes a great 2000-3500 backup. The deck also runs Compass and Zuihou to answer burn and change effects. The only downsides to this deck is that it runs no form of access to the waiting room and gold bars which have a tendency to end up in your hand right before refreshing.

Michael: Analysis for this one has to be short and sweet this time around, especially with the second set just around the corner. This deck does have a pretty sweet setup for its level 1 which gives it some staying power. Normally, Kantai struggles with sustaining its board at level 1, but this deck gives it a fighting chance against decks that have higher power, at least at level 1. Most notable is the inclusion of a pair of the anti-Change Zuihou, but with the added synergy of Noshiro, the second copy is in a great spot. There is a miser’s Bounce effect in both trigger and character CX combo, but it’s expensive and ideally only used when absolutely needed.

The much more exciting part is in the interview, so let’s get to that!

M: Congratulations on your finish Nick! Shall we start with an introduction?

N: Hi my name is Nick Kosyak. I’m a Ukranian-Canadian. Currently work as a roofer (shingler) while in school for electrical [e: engineering?]. I only started playing this game around the time Project Diva was announced for English release, forget the exact date.

M: How did your event go overall? 

N: The event was great, we came as a group of 8, some people I knew, others i met for the 1st time. The venue was a lot better than i expected. My initial expectations of having a National at a store were skeptical at best, but it turned out to be a great location, with great workers and players.

M: Any particularly lucky moments you had during the tournament?

N: I had multiple lucky moments, but one was absolutely absurd. In round 5  I was facing a Da Capo deck with was specifically made to counter KanColle. My opponent completely played around my entire hand and deck strategy while maintaining even stock, soul damage and a decent hand size. At 2/4 he changed into his Level 3 wall and forced me to 3/3, at which point I knew I had a very low chance of winning since I just refreshed and was probably not going to be able to survive. I proceed to take my turn and attempt a last ditch effort, play my single Akagi, make her big enough to climb over his wall for the clock-kick, play the CX combo, swing with Akagai for 3, trigger for 5 – it goes in, proceed to swing with Verniy at an empty slot for 3 – goes in. Hes now at 3/6, logically after taking 9 damage one would cancel, so my thoughts are “It’s going to be another one of those games where I get my opponent to 3/6 and lose.”, I turn Yahagi sideways at am empty slot for 3… it goes in.

M: Wow! That’s pretty nuts. Any really unlucky moments?

N: An unlucky moment was round 3 for me. My entire deck is made to counter Nisekoi, I just beat one in round 2, so I’m going into round 3 feeling confident. The entire game I had no back-row until the last turn before I lost. Although the same person was my 1st round of Top 8, where I got my Salty Runback #1.

M: How about incredible comebacks?

N: Yes I did. In round 2 of the LCQ I was once again facing Da Capo and this guy was just plain good. While he didn’t make his deck to counter Kantai, he played very well. At some point he changed into 2 Level 3 walls at Level 2 and sat on them for 2-3 turns. At this point I have nearly no board, no answers in hand, but 6 stock. I draw for turn, it’s a Zuihou, clock one of my useless cards, get a Kagero and my Wind Trigger CX. Proceed to play Kagero, pay 2 to search Shoukaku, play her, CX combo, bounce one of the lvl 3s, kill his other unit and crash for damage against his other lvl 3. He’s now at 2-6, chooses not to clock, goes into combat attacks with his lvl 3, I use Zuihou’s anti-change, after which there was a few more turns of back and forth. I ended up winning that game, and it was the most enjoyable of the whole tournament for me.

M: Sounds like the excitement began before the main event! How did your final match go?

N: The final match was against Little Busters which is one of the worst match-ups for my deck, since they can do everything KanColle can but better and more. Since our decks are so anti-meta the game went as following, we stood in front of each other, left hand on each others right shoulder, knife in the right and proceeded to stab at each other until one fell over, which was me. Basically take all the intricate mechanics and interactions and throw them out the window, the game literally turned into “Play cards + Turn them sideways”. Whoever did it more and better won.

M: Well given that Andrew has said something similar about the final match it’s kind of funny how two decks in the finals kind looked like…


Any shoutouts or things you’d like to say?

N: Of course! Shoutouts to the guys who came with me, Sajeev, Nelson, Peter, Ed, Ben, Justin and Brian, especially Nelson and Sajeev, for making top 8 (though sadly one of them was DQed during deck check) without them this whole trip wouldn’t have happened. Mad shoutouts to the guys back at Toronto, the 401 Games/K-OS/A&C Games crowd, without them I wouldn’t be the player I am today. Finally a special thanks to Peter, once again, for lending me his Eli mat during Nats and saving my sanity after I got sharked for my custom mat during round 1, and of course Mark M. from back home for lending me his last Hatsukaze without which I wouldn’t have been able to even play in the event.

Congratulations on the finish again Nick, and thank you for the interview!


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