Nisekoi Deck Tech – 2014 WGP Cupertino Regionals Winner!


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at the deck that took 1st at the 2014 WGP Regional Qualifiers hosted in Cupertino, California!

This article will be featuring some different analysis about the deck, such as card choice, future changes, etc, as well as rundowns of the games themselves. Cards won’t be introduced, but will be mentioned in the article. The decks featured in the article will have cards listed periodically to highlight key plays. (I’ll also be speaking directly in the article. It is a personal report after all!)

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used.

Here is the list!

Level 0 – 17

1 Seishirou, Dramatically Changed Looks!? (NK/W30-004)
2 Chitoge in Yukata (NK/W30-009)
4 Chitoge, Surprising Side (NK/W30-053)
2 Chitoge, First Love (NK/W30-058)
3 Marika in Swimsuits (NK/W30-078)
4 Raku Being Similar (NK/W30-084)
1 Chitoge, Summer Colors (NK/W30-P01)

Level 1 – 15

2 Chitoge, Weekend Date (NK/W30-005)
3 Marika, Loving Carnage (NK/W30-056)
3 Marika, Tilting Her Head (NK/W30-059)
2 Chitoge, After A Bath (NK/W30-007)
1 Marika, Transfer Student (NK/W30-067)
2 Pendant of Promise (NK/W30-022)
2 Pendant of Promise (NK/W30-071)

Level 2 – 4

1 Chitoge, Lovers!? (NK/W30-T05)
2 Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing (NK/W30-081)
1 Marika, Daughter of the Police Chief (NK/W30-057)

Level 3 – 6

1 Chitoge, Deepened Friendship (NK/W30-051)
4 Marika, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-052)
1 Kosaki, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-076)

CX – 8

4 Fictitious Love (NK/W30-024)
4 Feelings of 10 Years (NK/W30-073)

How do we use this deck?

The shell of the deck is based (okay, blatantly stolen from) on the winning list from the Santa Clara Regionals. My friend David won with a list that was very similar to this (you can find his list and analysis here). I initially dismissed the red/yellow combination because red/blue had been performing very well for me. In fact, using a list that was suggested to me from the reigning IC Champion Tianyu Wei, I was able to take down a 24+ player local event on my first try with the series.

Leading up to the event though, I took the same list and promptly found myself eliminated and out the door in back to back Regionals, including the Santa Clara event. I spent the night before pondering what I liked about the deck and comparing it to the blue that I was using. Here were the main points I remembered about the deck:

  • Runners are very good; use them to maximum effect.
  • If left unchecked, the Marika CX Salvage combo can cause the deck to run away with card advantage for the whole game.
  • Bounce is great tech against characters that have encore, or powers that otherwise can’t be beaten.
  • Bounce is also extremely handy if ahead in the level 2 to level 3 game; the punishment and loss of tempo can cripple an opposing deck.
  • The time to build stock advantage is at level 1; using oversized Chitoges is the key to doing that. Level reversers are there to sculpt the hand and get rid of powerful characters.
  • Using too much stock at level 2, unless absolutely necessary, will cause the deck to all-in at level 3 for one or two turns MAX. Even though the deck’s finishing power at level 3 is so powerful that it might not need that extra turn, it is something to keep in mind if the opponent is running a deck that refreshes quickly.

Why the changes?

I tweaked some things from David’s list to make it match what I liked. I put in an extra level support Marika to cement the power of the deck’s level 3 and to ensure that Marika, Maiden’s Heart was able to get its restanding effect.

I also didn’t like the Marika, Active Girl for its narrow effect. I actually hoped to use a Chibi Marika in its place, but I wasn’t able to get one in time for the event. I cut down the number of Chitoge, Summer Colors from 2 to 1, basically treating it like an extra Raku support that had some pushing power.

Any future changes from this?

This deck could definitely use a Chibi Marika for those tricky times that Pendants get sent to stock. The Chitoge, Words of Promise (level 1 support) probably could find a way back into the deck. The 1/1 Marika is fine, but almost every time the 1/1 Chitoge has been better just because it has hand encore.

tl;dr Potential Changes:

  • 1 Raku Being Similar
  • 1 Marika, Transfer Student
  • 1 Marika, Tilting Her Head
  • 1 Chibi Marika
  • 2 Chitoge, Words of Promise

Let’s go to the tournament report!

As I was the event adviser, I had to get everything setup for the event, including passing out promos and prepping papers. Fortunately, I had David assisting me, and the event was able to start and run without any major issues.

Round 1 – Ben ([email protected])

My tournament had to start off with a team kill, but that’s the game. Ben’s the other local tournament organizer in the South Bay, and this time he was packing his Idolmaster soul rush. The early game went reasonably well for me, despite having a handful of poorly-timed cancels in the first couple turns. I kept a strong board at level 1, but he responded with a timely Do-Dai to hit me for 3/3/3 when I had only 3 CXs remaining. I hit an insanely lucky break though when my deck flipped card-card-CX 3 consecutive times to completely nullify his attack.


A last ditch Do-Dai in the end game left me at 3/6 with only 4 cards left in deck, so I played out a trio of Marika to try to close the game. During my first attack, the Burn canceled, as did the attack, and only on the third attack did I exhaust his deck of remaining CXs to win.

1 – 0

Round 2 – Bert (Railgun)

I got to see a familiar deck in the second round – Railgun! It was a mono Red 8-Door build. Early on, he landed a pretty damaging 1k1 to hit me to 1/6 when he was still at level 0. After that though, I was able to Salvage some characters with a Pendant of Promise, and reverse his characters every turn.


I had good cancels at level 2, and he was unable to Salvage many characters. The power of my Chitoge backed up by Raku and Chitoge was too much even for his level 2 lineup. Once he started to use stock to encore his characters, I knew that I had to only hope that there was a CX in the top 12 cards of my deck to not lose. Fortunately for me, he wasn’t able to come up with the damage to get me far into level 3, despite playing out his hand of level 3s, and Marika came down for the final points.

2 – 0

Round 3 – Nick (Kantai)

Just like in the Fanime tournament, I went in knowing that he had never beaten me in an event. I wondered to myself if this could be the time that I lost, but I shook it off quickly and got into the game.

Our game started very awkwardly when we both canceled our initial attacks and had 2 CXs in waiting room before either of us was even 0/3. Chitoge, Surprising Side was able to run away from a Hibiki attempting to side attack (Verniy was not in the waiting room). Despite this, I still canceled the attack to go to 0/5 with him at 0/6 and was forced to attack the following turn. I drew a second copy of Chitoge, Surprising Side though, which allowed me to attack safely with two characters. In order for him to have the CX combo with Shimakaze go off, he would have to draw two copies, and I had already caused him to clock two copies prior.

He stalled in the mid-game, seemingly stalling for stock and to try to get to level 3 first to go off with the Akagi CX combo to send my characters to clock. I used a 1k1 to push him to level 3 while I was still at level 2. Sure enough, the following turn he played three copies of Akagi and slapped every character I had on the center stage to clock, but not before having every attack canceled.


With only a few cards left in my deck, I refreshed it with my Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing and drew a Ficticious Love for the CX combo with Chitoge, Lovers!? to bounce two Akagi. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to reverse the Akagi at least until the following turn, but my attacks ended up ending the game on the spot, dealing 6 straight damage.

3 – 0

Round 4 – Louie (Vividred)

As soon as I saw an Akane being discarded during mulligans, I knew what I was in for: a level 1 double “change” into a large level 2 Vivid Blue, and a HealBurn endgame. The only reason I remembered that was because I had literally never won a game against Vividred before, even in testing.


Sure enough, the dreaded Vivid Blue showed up packing 9000 power and stomped on a character, but I had already managed to get him to around 2/5, which would have made the card draw very aggressive. In the later turns, he used a couple of Heal effects to stay afloat.

On the final turn, I had to be very creative to secure the last points. I used a Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing to boost a Marika by 2000 power, then prepared a Chitoge, First Love to boost her when I crashed my other characters. Before Marika could swing though, the last damage had already stuck.

4 – 0

Round 5 – John (Dog Days)

When I saw this pairing, I shook my head. I wanted the match to be one round later!

As soon as I saw that John had gone back to playing Dog Days (he’s one of the few players in our area who plays the series), I recalled the WGP-winning deck list and prepared myself for a cat fight at level 1 over Salvage effects.


1v1 me noob


lol gg ez

Fortunately for me, Leo was always one turn late to the party, and I was able to Salvage using Marika Loving Carnage for one critical turn to rebuild my hand after our level 0 had passed.

John had the 1k1 for the response though, and I soon found myself at a full level disadvantage, being at 2/1 to his 1/1.

By that time though, he was down to only 3 cards in hand and did not have very much power on board. I played a Kosaki, Maiden’s Heart knowing that it would be safe for potentially the remainder of the game, and began mounting my comeback. I battled his characters to reverse them, but he had a critical Monster Ball to give them a ‘free’ encore.

His deck was already out nearly every CX, and I attacked and canceled through most of his remaining CXs to gain an advantage. During the very last turn, we were both at 3/6 and he needed to cancel in the first 3 cards of his 5 remaining cards in deck. I hit a direct attack for 4 soul, and his penultimate card was the CX.

5 – 0

Round 6 – Sebastian (Kantai)

This was it! The very last match before the top cut would decide who would go to Nationals.

Our game got off to an interesting start, as I was unable to find many plays at level 0. I took a couple of attacks before I found a pair of Chitoge runners to keep the damage even. Interestingly, the runners did get him to level on the following turn, but Shimakaze has a difficult time pinning down runners. I was able to keep him away from building his hand immediately, and sneaked in a Marika CX combo to rebuild my hand in the midgame.

By the time both of us were level 2, he was on the offensive and had a hand stocked (presumably) with Akagi. I saw that he had already triggered the CX for the CX combo with Akagi, but his last attack left me at exactly level 3 with him at 2/5.

I cashed in every stock that I had on a pair of Marika and a Chitoge, and was actually able to Heal because there was no heal tax present. Using the Chitoge’s ability, I sent a ship to the top of the deck, Burned it away with Marika, and had the fortunate sequence of attacks where Marika’s Burn ability was canceled every time. Luckily for me, he did not have a Compass, and 9 damage went through during the battle to end the game.

6 – 0!

And with that, I was qualified for Nationals!

This is my first season competing for the WGP, and it was very nice to be able to qualify after already trying twice.

I’d like to personally thank our sponsors Yamatoku Trading and IndyGamerz for their support, and you, the readers, for sticking with us!

Special thanks to Ben for his work in the local community, David for helping with the event, and Annie for bringing pie. I’m looking forward to meeting those who have qualified for Nationals at the event!

If you’d like to talk more about the deck or have questions, please send us a message through our Facebook page. Be sure to sign up for our monthly giveaway! And as always, thank you for reading!