Kill La Kill Deck Tech – 2nd at 2014 Rochester WGP Regionals

Bakuzan Satsuki

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we’ll be looking at the list that took 2nd at the WGP Regionals in Rochester: Kill La Kill!

Special thanks to Felix for article prep. Because the set has been released in English, English card names will be used.

Let’s get to the list!

“Listen to the Sound of my 2 Soul”

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

3 Worrying Mako (KLK/S27-003)
3 Nui Pulling Thread (KLK/S27-023)
3 Deep Bonds, Ryuko (KLK/S27-043)
1 Taking Back Senketsu! Ryuko (KLK/S27-044)
2 First Step of Lifelong Ambition, Satsuki (KLK/S27-074)
2 Sewing Club President, Iori (KLK/S27-079)
2 Chibi Ryuko (KLK/S27-102)

Level 1 – 10

4 Towards a New Self, Ryuko (KLK/S27-041)
2 “Rampage” Ryuko (KLK/S27-047)
1 Junketsu (Blue) (KLK/S27-095)
3 Junketsu (Red) (KLK/S27-066)

Level 2 – 8

2 Satsuki’s Childhood Friend, Jakuzure (KLK/S27-078)
2 Wandering High School Girl, Ryuko (KLK/S27-T16)
1 Seki Tekko (KLK/S27-T07)
1 The Elite Four, Gamagoori (KLK/S27-E092)
2 Classic Trap (KLK/S27-018)

Level 3 – 8

4 Mako Can’t Stop for Any Reason (KLK/S27-002)
4 To Protect the World, Satsuki (KLK/S27-072)

CX – 8

4 The time comes when a girl outgrows her sailor uniform (KLK/S27-068)
4 To Honnouji Academy (KLK/S27-097)

At level 0 we have 16 characters.


Worrying Mako gives all your other [Clothes] and/or [Family] characters +500 power. It also makes the character in your center spot unable to be targeted by your opponent’s effects.


Nui Pulling Thread, when played, gives 1 of your opponent’s characters -3000 power if they have 1 or fewer characters in their front row.


Deep Bonds, Ryuko, on play, lets you discard a CX from your hand. If you do, choose a [Clothes] or [Family] character from your waiting room and return it to your hand. When another 1 of your [Clothes] or [Family] characters becomes reversed, choose 1 of your characters and it gains +1000 power until end of turn.


Taking Back Senketsu! Ryuko, on play, lets you pay 2 stock. If you do search for a “Seki Tekko” and add it to your hand. It also has a Brainstorm effect: you may pay 1 stock. For every climax you reveal, choose 1 of your [Clothes] or [Family] characters and it gains +2000 power until end of turn.


First Step of Lifelong Ambition, Satsuki, upon being put into the waiting room from the stage, lets you pay 1 stock and discard a card from your hand. If you do, search for a [Clothes] character and add it to your hand.


Sewing Club President, Iori lets you rest 2 of your characters. If you do, choose 1 of your [Clothes] characters and it gains +2000 power until end of turn.


Chibi Ryuko can move to  front row center slot at the start of your opponent’s attack step if it’s empty.

At level 1 we have  6 characters and 4 events.


Towards a New Self, Ryuko has a two-part CX combo with “The time comes when a girl outgrows her sailor uniform”: when this attacks this gains +4500 power until end of turn. If you are level 2 or higher, you may choose a card in your opponent’s waiting room and put it on the top of their deck.


“Rampage” Ryuko cannot be reversed by your opponent’s “Auto” effects (i.e. it is immune to level reversers). When it goes to the waiting room, put the top card of your deck to your clock.


Junketsu lets you look up to the top 4 cards of your deck. You then choose 1 [Clothes] character from there and put it in your hand. Put the other cards in your waiting room.


Junketsu is a +3500 power event counter.

At level 2 we have 5 characters and 3 events.


Satsuki’s Childhood Friend, Jakuzure gains +2000 power if there is a marker under it. When it is placed onto the stage from the waiting room, you may place the top card of your deck under this as a marker. If you have 2 or more other [Clothes] characters it gains character Encore.


The Elite Four, Gamagoori, has a 1 stock +3000 power Backup ability.


Wandering High School Girl, Ryuko gives characters in front of it +1000 power. When you play this from your hand, you may pay 2 stock. If you do, Salvage a character.


Seki Tekko is a 2 stock event that lets you Salvage up to 2 characters.


Classic Trap is an event counter that lets your return 1 of your characters to your hand.

At level 3 we have 8 characters.


Mako Can’t Stop for Any Reason, on play, gains +500 power for every [Clothes] or [Family] characters you have. The turn you play it, if damage done by this is canceled, put the top card of your deck into your waiting room, and this Burns your opponent for level + 1 of the revealed card. (Punish Burn)


To Protect the World, Satsuki gains -1 level in your hand if you have 3 or more “To Honnouji Academy” in your waiting room. If there is a marker under this, it gains +1500 power. When you play this from your hand Heal and choose a “Junketsu” from your waiting room and put it under this as a marker.

The CX spread is 4 1k1 + Door and 4 2k1 + 2 soul.




How do we use this deck?

Nui, Pulling Thread is one of the best first turn plays that the deck has going second. It gives the deck a chance at a free card, and a potential 1 or 2 soul attack, depending on if the Nui ‘kills’ the character outright. There are searchers and characters that can Brainstorm to shore up weak draws, as well as a runner in Chibi Ryuko.

Into level 1, the deck does not run the Heal tax Ryuko, but instead opts to run a couple to have as a very hard-to-beat center slot character. With a Mako, Worrying in play, it is impossible to Bounce, and impossible to remove with level reversers. The only thing that would go over it is something that can overpower it… and that’s only if the user isn’t holding a Junketsu.

Fortunately, the deck runs a full complement of 2k1 CX effects that can help any character overpower things during the level 1, which leads conveniently into the level 2 game, where Satsuki comes a level early to Heal and (narrowly) improve the number of non-CXs that one would refresh with.

The CX combo with Towards a New Self, Ryuko, adds a very large comeback element to the deck, because if you are a level behind (level 2+), it can help equalize damage if not get ahead.  Otherwise, it’s a great way to get rid of characters that do not have any special encore ability.

Also at level 2 are a number of tenacious effects that keep cards flowing onto the stage. Nonon loves an encore (pun 100% intended) and comes back even stronger the first time she’s beaten. Best of all, she gains hand encore with a large enough audience stage full of other [Clothes] characters.

Classic Trap is a very useful and unique card. It can rescue a character that would be reversed when being attacked, and it can also recycle a character’s effect on your own turn if you want to, say, use Mako’s Punish Burn ability a second time. (Note: if your opponent declares a front attack and you Trap your character back, that attack does not become a direct attack!) Fans of KanColle may recognize Mako’s Punish Burn ability as being the same as Musashi’s.

What does the deck not do well? Is it missing anything? How do we beat it?

This particular build of Kill La Kill does not use any level reversers at level 0, and instead opts for Nui. It has a very thin level 1 lineup, and looks as if it is most dangerous at level 2, as opposed to level 1. Rushing the deck down with very little stock can force it into a corner, especially if it is at a point where it can play a level 3 Satsuki at level 2. At that point, Bounce effects are quite useful.

The deck has no answers to the big three ‘hated’ effects: HealSalvage, and Burn. A deck that is completely focused on one or more of these mechanics can outpace the deck, so long as it has an answer to its power at level 2. That is, all the card advantage in the world won’t help against an undying Nonon.

Heal tax effects are only incidentally effective against the deck, so they are not particularly worth mentioning as a way to specifically plan against it, but anti-Burn is more applicable as a way to prevent the deck from securing a win at level 3. (Even though at the moment, it tends to be found in only one JP deck: Log Horizon.)

How does the deck stack up? Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? What would you say about its viability in the JP/EN metagames at large?


The deck uses three colors, but at different times. Red is most relevant at level 1, blue at level 2, and yellow at level 3. The deck has an aggressively low number of level 1 characters, which can come across as a bit greedy, and one of them is just strictly better at level 2 though with the CX combo is arguably just as viable. Rushing through level 1 to get to level 2 and floating there for a while is not such a bad plan, because it (apparently) aims to ignore the very level 1-focused game that many other decks play.

Power Range: 3 – 8

The power range of this deck can swing wildly dependent upon its midgame draws. If it is able to get into level 2 with a good amount of stock and stabilize its board while continually reversing an opponent’s characters, it can look quite scary. If it is ever on the defensive (low on stock especially) and/or if it draws its midgame poorly, the deck looks like it can be a disaster.

Difficulty: 7

Managing this deck’s stock and colors are just one of the most basic challenges that one can encounter, but in particular, making the deck’s many effects work together well can be the biggest challenge. Sequencing plays and scoring card advantage in the midgame will require some creativity, but the deck’s comeback potential and endgame are quite strong. Making sure that the deck has the right number of CXs left in it is also something to pay close attention to.

EN/JP Meta Viability:

JP Meta: This deck has access to a Punish Burn ability, similar to KanColle. It can also power out an unusual amount of damage at level 2, which goes counter to the very popular “win as much as possible at level 1” approach in decks. (e.g.: Nisekoi Salvage, KanColle search, SAO search, etc)

However, because it has a smattering of Salvage and Heal effects, anti-Salvage and Heal tax abilities will only be marginally effective against the deck. Most annoying will probably be Log Horizon’s anti-Burn, as well as any anti-Change Backup ability seen in Nisekoi, Love Live! and so on.

EN Meta: Could this be a viable alternative to SAO? Quite possibly! There is no anti-Change effect in the EN meta at the moment, and using a Bounce effect on an early Satsuki doesn’t feel great because the opponent will get to Heal again. Its level 1 can go toe to toe with Love Live! and SAO both with and without Imprisoned Queen, Asuna.

In terms of having the most powerful level 2 play, it’s a close call, because Leafa’s Pure Wish is still a very powerful card. However, this deck’s first crack at having a Punish Burn effect gives it a more secure way to end the game, and may find favor with more conservative players.

Good luck!

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