Nisekoi Deck Tech – 2014 Indy Regionals Winner!

Marika Nisekoi

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at the deck that took 1st at the 2014 WGP Regional Qualifiers hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana by IndyGamerz!

The deck and interview are brought to you by Alexander Schindler. Because Nisekoi has been featured (and will likely continue to be featured) in the past, this deck tech will focus on the unique cards that other articles have not already explored. You can check out an old article or tournament for a similar competitive deck list. Cards not seen in that list can be seen in an older article of a less competitive deck list. Because most analysis on this deck has already been featured, the emphasis in this article will be on the interview.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used.

Let’s get to the list!

Unlock My Love Please

Level 0 – 17

2 Kosaki, Store’s Mascot Girl (NK/W30-033)
3 Chitoge, Surprising Side (NK/W30-053)
2 Marika, Throwing a Tantrum (NK/W30-064)
2 Marika in Swimsuits (NK/W30-078)
4 Raku Being Similar (NK/W30-084)
2 Marika, Mischievous Kiss (NK/W30-085)
2 Kosaki, Denying (NK/W30-092)

Level 1 – 14

3 Marika, Tilting Her Head (NK/W30-059)
4 Kosaki, First Visit (NK/W30-080)
3 Kosaki, Progression of the Two (NK/W30-086)
2 Pendant of Promise (NK/W30-071)
2 Pendant of Promise (NK/W30-097)

Level 2 – 4

2 Marika, Daughter of the Police Chief (NK/W30-057)
2 Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing (NK/W30-081)

Level 3 – 8

4 Marika, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-052)
4 Kosaki, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-076)

CX – 8

3 Feelings of 10 Years (NK/W30-073)
3 I…… Lied…… (NK/W30-098)
2 Exchanged Promise (NK/W30-100)

At level 0, we have 17 characters and two unique cards.


Kosaki, Denying, and Marika, Throwing a Tantrum are both 3000 power vanilla characters.

At level 1, we have 14 cards: 10 characters and 4 events, with no new cards.

At level 2, we have 4 characters.

At level 3, we have 8 characters.

The CX spread is a 3/3/2 spread among:

1k1 + Door, 2k1 + 2 soul, and 1k1 + Gate effects and triggers.


Exchanged Promise is a new CX with a 1k1 effect and a +1 soul + Gate trigger.

How do we use this deck?

Author’s Note: Because analysis on the more powerful decks from the set has already been done in previous articles, the comments featured below will be primarily about this list, rather than the set as a whole.

Alex: This deck runs primarily to gain an advantage through stock, with a smaller emphasis on Salvage effects.

Michael: The deck sacrifices a CX combo in the early game to gain access to a lot of attacking and staying power by using Kosaki, First Visit.

A: By the time level 2 rolls around, the deck will want to have at least one Kosaki, Maiden’s Heart in hand to setup for a guaranteed Marika at level 3. All the stock from the early levels can help that.

M: Basically, the early game is all about attacking every turn and building an absurd amount of stock. Later in the game, this will translate to only needing a single copy of the level 3 Kosaki in hand, which can then bring out everything else needed from your deck.

Because of the two Gate triggers the deck uses, it can repeatedly use its 1k1 effects to push for additional damage and punish an opponent for rushing back by playing one or more early Kosaki.

A: Something to watch out for is how many Kosaki, Progression of the Two you use at a time. Usually, it’s better to leave only one slot open as opposed to two because the extra damage that you take on the following turn can be too much to warrant the risk.

What does the deck not do well? Is it missing anything?

A: The deck has a decent power level, but it can be overcome.

M: This list in particular actually makes use of vanilla level 0 characters, which is quite a rarity. Arguably, there are better card choices than those, and the lack of the level 1 CX combo with Feelings of 10 Years makes the inclusion of the CX itself much weaker. While dropping the CX combo does make it more resilient to anti-Salvage effects, it does mean that the deck will struggle in the mirror match, especially of the opposing deck is using the CX combo.

Now onto the interview!

M: Congratulations on winning the whole thing and earning the invite to Nationals! How was your event overall?

A: Overall it was smooth. The finals got a little scary.

M: What was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?

A: In the finals, I had a single card in hand, and it was a climax. I was at 3/5 and I clocked it, only to draw two more. I was able to finish the game with my level 0 characters.

M: Nice. Did you get really unlucky at all during the event?

A: During round 4, I had attacked with my Marika without thinking, and actually didn’t get to get the stock to have her stand again, and it cost me the game.

M: Whoops. Any incredible comebacks during the event?

A: Yes, the final match, if you could call it a comeback. I had a lot of bad draws which caused that CX flood at the end. Overall though, that game was very close.

M: How did the final match go for you? We know you played against Nisekoi in the mirror.

A: Terrifying.

M: So how did you prepare for the tournament? Did you do anything special the day of?

A: I prepared by playing a ton of games on Skype and Veesee against people from all over in order to test my build and to get experience against other decks. I also tested against the Danville group.

M: Awesome. Thanks for the interview and good luck at Nationals! Any other shoutouts or things you’d like to say?

A: Shout outs to the Danville group for their support and help in getting ready for this. One for George C for his assists in making card decisions and guiding me in the right direction. And – singing the phrase “This is the story of a girl, she cried a river and drowned the whole world” ♪ over and over is the secret to this deck’s success.

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