Love Live! (Waifu) Deck Tech – BiBi!


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at a waifu deck from Love Live! featuring the readers’ choice: BiBi! Maki, Eli, and Nico will be taking the center stage for this deck tech! ♪♫♪


This deck contains:

28% Eli
24% Maki
32% Nico
16% CX

100% DV Vitamin BB
100% DV Vitamin ♪♫♪
Not a significant source of でれでれ, or other essential vitamins.

9th CX is not responsible for any failed proposals, destroyed shrines, or 18-hour Love Live! marathons. Please use caution when singing Love Novels and other songs in public. 9th CX cannot take responsibility for the sudden idolization, glamour and success that may follow.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used. Names will be kept in line with the official ‘translation’s per the EN release of the first set in the series. (i.e. Eli, Maki & Nico)

Because this is a waifu deck, it is in no way recommended for competitive play. Most analysis that would be used for competitive lists will be skipped.

Let’s take a look at the deck!


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 17

2 “Good Idea” Eli (LL/WE19-22)
3 Maki, Creating Melody (LL/WE19-26)
4 Nico in Pajama (LL/W28-043)
2 Maki, Good at Singing (LL/W24-079)
4 “хорошо” Eli (LL/W24-039)
2 Club Leader, Nico (LL/WE24-032)

Level 1 – 14

1 Nico, Proud of Lyrics (LL/WE19-24)
3 “Nico is Popular” Nico (LL/W28-022)
3 Nico in Casual Clothing (LL/W28-047)
4 “Our LIVE is LIFE with You” Eli Ayase (LL/W24-005)
3 Smile! Push-ups! (LL/W24-095)

Level 2 – 2

2 “That Is Our Miracle” Eli Ayase (LL/W19-09)

Level 3 – 9

2 “Fox’s Wedding” Eli (LL/W28-002)
4 Maki, First-Year Student at Otonokizaka Academy (LL/W24-081)
3 Idol Otaku, Nico (LL/W24-027)

CX – 8

4 Door of Dreams (LL/WE19-17)
4 Youthfulness Must Be Listening (LL/W24-023)

At level 0, we have 17 characters.


“Good Idea” Eli has a Brainstorm effect: pay 1 stock and rest it to “clock swap”; put a card from clock into hand, and then put the top card of the deck into clock, one action at a time, per CX revealed. When you play it from your hand, you may also put the top card of your opponent’s stock into his or her waiting room and replace it with a card from that waiting room.


Maki, Creating Melody has a CX combo with Door of Dreams: when it attacks, if you control 2 or more other [Music] characters, you may pay 1 stock. If you do, search your deck for up to 1 [Music] character and put it into your hand.


Nico in Pajamas has a Change effect: at the beginning of your climax phase, you may pay 1 stock and discard a card to Change into a ‘”Nico is Popular” Nico’ from your waiting room.


Maki, Good at Singing (aka Great at Singing, Maki) gets +1 level and +1000 power if you control 1 or fewer other characters. When you play it from hand, you put the top card of your deck underneath it as a marker. That marker can be used as one stock when paying for a Change effect. (The effect has to require stock to be paid for the counter to be used. It cannot substitute for a card going to clock, for example.)


“хорошо” Eli has a Change effect: at the beginning of your climax phase, you can send it to clock to Change into a “Our LIVE is LIFE with You” Eli Ayase from your waiting room.


Club Leader, Nico gives characters you control in front of it +500 power. You can rest it to give a character you control +1 level until end of turn.

At level 1, we have 14 cards: 11 characters and 3 events.


Nico, Proud of Lyrics has a 0 stock +1000 power Backup ability. When you use its Backup ability, you may pay 2 stock. If you do, choose a character your opponent controls that has a higher level than your opponent, and put it into the waiting room. Your opponent then may choose up to one level 0 or lower character from his or her waiting room and put it onto the stage in the same slot.


“Nico is Panda Popular” Nico gets +1000 power for each marker under it. When it reverses a character in battle, you may put the top card of your deck under it as a marker. You may also pay 1 stock to give it +1 soul until end of turn.


Nico in Casual Clothing gets +1500 power as long as you have 3 or less stock.


“Our LIVE is LIFE with You” Eli Ayase gets +500 power for each other [Music] character you control.


Smile! Push-ups! is a +3500 power event with Counter Step timing.

At level 2, we have 2 characters.


“That Is Our Miracle” Eli Ayase gets +500 power for each other [Music] character you control.

At level 3, we have 9 characters.


“Fox’s Wedding” Eli has a Heal effect when you play it from hand or Change into it. (The Change is unused in this deck) When it attacks, you may pay 2 stock to Bounce a character on the center stage your opponent controls.


Maki, First-Year Student at Otonokizaka Academy gets -1 level in hand if you have 6 or more CXs in waiting room and gets +500 power for every other [Music] character you control. When you play it, you draw up to 2 cards, then discard a card.


Idol Otaku, Nico gives the character opposite it -1 soul. When it reverses a character in battle, you can pay 2 stock and discard a card to send that character to clock.

The CX spread is 8 1k1 + Bounce effects and triggers respectively.



How do we use this deck?

Before even playing this deck, having the proper sleeves is absolutely key to ensuring your opponent/friend/future enemy/fellow Love Live-r knows that you are playing a deck that contains the members of BiBi.

Oversleeves are highly recommended to ensure your sleeves are kept in pristine condition. Matted or smooth oversleeves are good. Tentacles and mysterious white liquid oversleeves however…


Make sure to have one of the songs by BiBi on the closest available music-playing device. This will make it painfully obvious to your opponent what you are playing. If he or she has not heard the song before, turn it up. If he or she has, turn it up anyway.

Madoka Listening to Music

If you hear some sort of hidden message in the music or random telepathic interruption talking about contracts though, RUN.

Once you have drawn and discarded two consecutive perfect hands, commence the Change effects and beatdowns at level 0. Maki, Good at Singing rewards you for having early plays with its CX combo. Your opponent will likely be pushed to level 1 by the effect, but because the deck uses many Change effects, the drawback can be mitigated by simply being a level ahead on board.

Panda Nico (“Nico is Popular” Nico) can “eat” what Honoka could only playfully threaten-

Honoka About to Cry

Some people are cut out to be idols right away, just saying.

…with its snowballing ability. Even though Nico is horribly vulnerable to level reversers, it is the only character at level 1 that demands any stock. You can also use its ability to pay out CXs from stock and attack for more damage if needed.

The deck doesn’t have much in the way of search effects outside of its early level 0 CX combo, but it does have 8 Bounce triggers. (Sound familiar?) The endgame plan is pretty simple, with some Bounce and Heal effects in Eli, a “kick to clock” with Nico, and a potential early appearance from Maki.

Sadly, because Umi is off doing a different gig, the Brainstorm ability that she would normally bring to almost any Love Live! deck is missing in this deck. (Sorry, Umi fans)

Good luck!

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