Love Live! Deck Tech – 4th at 2014 Indy WGP Regionals

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Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at the deck that took 4th at the 2014 WGP Regional Qualifiers hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana by IndyGamerz!

The deck and interview are brought to you by Audri Sampson. Special thanks to Felix for preparing the cards for the introduction. Even though the cards have been introduced before and the sets have been released in English, the card names will be kept in line with translations from Heart of the Cards, and some cards may have been seen before.

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used.

Onto the list!

“Standing at the Door with Honoka and Muse”

Level 0 – 16

2 Kotori Minami (LL/W24-011)
3 “Tight Hug, and Closing In on “love”!” μ’s (LL/W24-012a)
2 Hanayo, Rin’s Childhood Friend (LL/W24-078)
4 “Pretty” Eri (LL/W24-039)
2 Niko, Club President (LL/W24-032)
3 Maki, Creating Melody (LL/WE19-26)

Level 1 – 13

2 “That Is Our Miracle” Umi Sonoda (LL/WE19-06)
4 “Our LIVE is LIFE with You” Eri Ayase (LL/W24-005)
4 “Our LIVE is LIFE with You” Umi Sonoda (LL/W24-004)
3 Doing Push-Ups While Smiling (LL/W24-095)

Level 2 – 8

3 Rin, Crying Hard (LL/WE19-27)
2 “That Is Our Miracle” Eri Ayase (LL/WE19-09)
3 Umi Sonoda (LLW24-13)

Level 3 – 5

2 Niko, Idol Otaku (LL/W24-027)
3 “Us in the Moment” Myu’s (LL/W24-014)

CX – 8
4 Youth Can Surely Be Heard (LL/24-023)
4 Door of Dreams (LL/WE19-17)

At level 0 we have 16 characters.


When you play Kotori Minami you may pay 1 stock and discard a card to search for a [Music] character and put it into your hand.

ll-w24-012aWhen you play “Tight Hug, and Closing In on “love”!” μ’s,  it gains +1500 power until end of turn. (Audri’s Note: Had to include the obligatory Honoka in the deck.)


Hanayo, Rin’s Childhood Friend gives all characters in front of it +500 power. When you trigger a CX, choose 1 of your characters and it gets +500 power until the end of your opponent’s next turn.


“Pretty” Eri  has a Change effect: at the start of your CX step, you may put this in your clock. if you do choose a “”Our LIVE is LIFE with You” Eri Ayase” and put it in the slot this was in.


Niko, Club President gives all characters in front of it +500 power. You can rest this to give a character +1 level until end of turn.


Maki, Creating Melody has a CX combo with “Door of Dreams”: when this attacks you may pay 1 stock if you have 2 or more other [Music] characters. If you do search for a [Music] character and put it into your hand.

At level 1 we have 10 characters and 3 events.


That Is Our Miracle” Umi Sonoda gains +1000 power if you have 3 or more other [Music] characters and has a clock Encore effect.


“Our LIVE is LIFE with You” Eri Ayase gains +500 power for every other [Music] character you have.


“Our LIVE is LIFE with You” Umi Sonoda gives your other [Music] characters +500 power. It also has a Brainstorm ability: you may pay 1 stock and rest 2 characters. If you do mill 4 cards and for every CX card milled, search for a [Music] character and put it into your hand.


Doing Push-Ups While Smiling is a +3500 event counter.

At level 2 we have 8 characters.


Rin, Crying Hard is a level assist to characters in front of it. You can rest 2 characters and choose 1 of your characters. If that character reverses something this turn, you may draw and discard 1.


“That Is Our Miracle” Eri Ayase gains +500 power for every other [Music] character you have.


Umi Sonoda gains +500 power for every other rested [Music] character you have.

At level 3 we have 5 characters.


Niko, Idol Otaku gives the character opposite it -1 soul. When this reverses something, you can pay 2 stock and discard a card to send what this reversed to clock.


“Us in the Moment” Myu’s has a Heal effect on play or change. IT also has a CX combo with Youth Can Surely Be Heard: when this attacks all your characters gain +3000 power until end of turn.

The CX spread is 8 1k1 + Bounce.



How do we use this deck?

Audri: Lots of search and Bounce. Pretty simple; make sure to search as often as possible to maximize the hand size and Bounce critical targets your opponent controls as much as possible.

Michael: Early on, the deck has a CX combo that allows the player to search for more cards. Having access to an early Change effect with the 1/0 Eli (Eri, エリ etc) can create card advantage and/or keep the deck even or ahead in terms of power on board. Attacking every turn is not a bad thing!

The end game is very similar to other Love Live! builds previously seen, with the ability to send reversed characters to clock.

What does the deck not do well? Is it missing anything?

A: Recover. If ahead, this deck looks incredible because it can attack for a lot of free damage. But if it ever falls behind on board or is forced to play defensively, it will often just get hit harder.

Oh, and I would have loved to squeeze in more Honoka…

Honoka MoguMogu

Remember everyone, stay true to your waifu!

M: This deck has absolutely nothing in terms of “defense”. That is, it doesn’t have anything that can prevent an opposing deck from using repeated HealSalvage, or Burn effects, which are the big three “hated” abilities.

While it does have a very small number of Heal abilities to use, this deck is very close to a ‘soul rush’ deck with the ‘tech’ of having a ton of Bounce to deal with characters it can’t beat in a fair fight, and also to keep the board clear in the very late game.

How does the deck stack up? Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? What would you say about its viability in the JP/EN metagames at large?

Greed: 3

M: The deck is primarily blue and yellow, with green completely unnecessary until level 3. Love Live! as a series is very centered around yellow, and each level in the deck has mostly yellow cards to play. Blue is needed for the event counter and Rin support, but there are enough characters at level 0 that can support that color requirement.

A: In terms of damage, the deck can be played conservatively as well.

Power Range: 5 – 7

A: The deck is Love Live!, so I would consider the deck to have high power.

M: The deck is quite focused on its single strategy to Bounce the ever-loving daylights out of the opponent’s characters. The finishing plan with larger (2-4 soul) attacks and send-to-clock effects does get around anti-Burn effects, but the deck’s ability to keep unfair things in check actually scales with the quality of the opponent’s deck.

To elaborate, Bounce effects are particularly good against decks that have expensive characters and effects, including Change and characters that get -1 level in hand upon the fulfillment of a condition. However, it gets progressively worse as those effects appear less in a deck. If this deck was to play against itself or some kind of soul rush variant for example, it would probably fare much more poorly than how it does against a “typical meta strength” deck.

Difficulty: 3

A: really had to learn to break away from my dependency on red to use this deck, but…

M: Because the deck primarily uses Bounce as its primary method of attack, having a basic understanding of what is a ‘good’ Bounce target is one of the only things required to use the deck. It’s a unique focus, but it is fortunately straightforward: Bounce 2-stock targets or supports if possible, and if not available, Bounce 1-stock targets. If trying to preserve a character, Bounce the opposing character.

EN/JP Meta Viability:

A: I’d say it’s pretty viable – I was able to beat Kantai and Nisekoi in my rounds leading to the top cut.

M: All-Bounce is a legitimate alternative strategy to the anti-Salvage (e.g. Kantai, Little Busters!) or Heal tax (e.g. Kantai, KLK, etc) or even Burn/anti-Burn (e.g. Illya, Log Horizon) because it has a way to interact with each of those series’s powerful strategies, if not outright ignore them.

Onto the interview!

Michael: Welcome back! Again! (haha) Glad to hear that your event went well. Let’s dive right into it – what was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?

Audri: During the last round before the top cut, I was playing against Nisekoi, and I was able to draw a second Level 3 Nico to end the game.

M: How about a really unlucky moment?

A: Against Phantom, I went for three turns in a row holding three CXs in hand…

M: Yikes. How did the final match go for you?

A:  After I locked in my spot to Nationals the top cut rounds were pretty cool. I hadn’t eaten all day though because I was the event’s advisor. By the time I got to Phantom and Andrew in the last round my mind was just fried and I drew nearly every CX which just made it that much worse.

M: How did you prepare for the tournament?

A: LOTS and lots of playtest games… and a few freak out sessions.

M: Ha! Well Audri, thanks again for the interview and congratulations on the invite. Any other shoutouts or things you’d like to say?

A: Shout out to Melanie Strock! You did a heck of a job at your first JP event!! Looking forward to seeing what else is in your future in Weiss. And one up for Ben Bolival from the Bay Area for the fun ideas for the deck!

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