Nisekoi (Waifu) Deck Tech – Onodera Kosaki!


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at a waifu deck from Nisekoi, featuring the readers’ choice: Onodera Kosaki!

Because this is a waifu deck, it is in no way recommended for competitive play. Most analysis that would be used for competitive lists will be skipped. However, for making it very clear to your opponent that Onodera is Best Girl™, we highly recommend using a list like this one, and offer this as a guide!

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used.

Let’s look at the deck!

Team Onodera

Level 0 – 16

4 Kosaki, Store’s Mascot Girl (NK/W30-033)
4 Kosaki in Yukata (NK/W30-040)
4 Kosaki, At the Secret Place (NK/W30-091)
4 Kosaki, Denying (NK/W30-092)

Level 1 – 14

4 Pendant of Promise (NK/W30-097)
4 Kosaki, First Visit (NK/W30-080)
4 Kosaki, Progression of the Two (NK/W30-086)
2 Kosaki in Swimsuits (NK/W30-030)

Level 2 – 4

2 Kosaki, Exceptional Smile (NK/W30-031)
2 Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing (NK/W30-081)

Level 3 – 8

4 Kosaki, After School Date (NK/W30-027)
4 Kosaki, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-076)

CX – 8

4 I…… Lied…… (NK/W30-098)
4 Juliet Just for You (NK/W30-050)

At level 0 we have 16 characters.


When you play Kosaki, Store’s Mascot Girl you may pay 1 stock and discard a card. If you do, you may tutor for a [Key] character and put it in your hand.


When Kosaki in Yukata attacks, if you have 5 or more cards in your hand, choose 1 of your [Key] characters and it gets +1500 power until end of turn.


Kosaki, At the Secret Place gains +2000 power on your opponent’s turn if they have 3 or less characters. When you play this if you have 2 or more “Pendant of Promise” in memory you may pay 1 stock. If you do tutor for a [Key] character and put it in your hand.


Kosaki, Denying is a 3000 power vanilla.

At level 1 we have 10 characters and 4 events.


Pendant of Promise is a +3000 power event counter that goes to memory after you use it.


Kosaki, First Visit gains +500 power for every one of your other [Key] or [Sports] characters. It also has a clock Encore ability.


Kosaki, Progression of the Two has a CX combo with “I…… Lied……”: At the start of your encore step, you may send this to memory. If you do at the start of your next draw step, choose a “Kosaki, Progression of the Two” in your memory,  put it on any slot on your field, and it gains +3500 power until end of turn.


Kosaki in Swimsuits is a level assist to characters you control in front of it. You may rest 2 characters to give 1 of your characters the following Recollection ability: when this reverses a character in battle, if you have a “Pendant of Promise” in your memory, you may put the top card of your deck into stock (face-down).

At level 2 we have 4 characters.


Kosaki, Exceptional Smile is a +3000 power character counter with a Change ability: at the start of your climax phase, you may pay 2 stock, discard a card and send this to your waiting room. If you do, choose a “Kosaki, After School Date” in your waiting room and put it where this was.


Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing shuffles your waiting room into your deck on play if you have 5 or less cards in your deck. If you do, draw a card. You can also rest 2 characters to give a character +2000 power until end of turn.

At level 3 we have 8 characters.


Kosaki, After School Date has a Heal effect on play or Change. When you play this from hand, rest a standing [Key] character you control. (If it’s the only character you control, it will rest itself.) It has a CX combo with “Juilet Just for You”: when this attacks, search for up to 2 [Key] characters and put them into your hand.


Kosaki, Maiden’s Heart gets -1 level in your hand if you have 2 or more “Pendant of Promise” in your memory. When you play this, search for a [Key] character and put it into your hand. If you have 2 or more other [Key] characters, this gains +1000 power.

The CX spread is 4 2k1 and 4 1k1Gold effects and triggers respectively.



How do we use this deck?

Just play characters, and with each Onodera played, make sure your opponent knows that she is truly Best Girl™. There is no victory until your opponent admits that she is, even if your opponent is at level 4. Play games until your opponent understands this, instead of until he or she has ‘lost the game’.

Okay okay.

At level 0, the idea is to use Kosaki in Yukata to dominate the early game, at least as far as a 4000 power character might be able to. In a pinch, you can even use multiple copies to boost a character to insane numbers, and the ability does remain relevant throughout the game, so long as you retain enough cards in hand.

At level 1, we have the familiar “Time Machine” combo, which, waifu deck or not, does demand some respect from the opponent. Being able to reverse multiple characters with Kosaki, Progression of the Two is one of the ways that this deck aims to gain an advantage in the early mid-game, and retain cards in hand.

Interestingly, the deck also has a quick way to go to level 3 either by way of Change or having multiple Pendant of Promise in memory. Being able to search the deck for multiple characters even without a CX combo is a powerful effect, and the deck can do it starting at level 0.

In the mid-game, the deck will want to build as much of an advantage with Kosaki, Progression of the Two as possible, and then aim to get a free refresh effect with Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing if possible. Because this deck does not have any Brainstorm effects, it will likely be difficult to get the effect to resolve early on unless multiple search effects have been used prior.

Good luck!

Bonus Section: Felix took a Nisekoi list to another local event and piloted it to a split finals finish. Here’s his list as a bonus, presented as-is!


Level 0 – 16

4 Chitoge, Surprising Side (NK/W30-053)
3 Chitoge in Yukata (NK/W30-009)
2 Chibi Marika (NK/W30-104)
3 Raku Being Similar (NK/W30-084)
3 Marika, Mischievous Kiss (NK/W30-085)
1 Kosaki, At the Secret Place (NK/W30-091)

Level 1 – 14

2 Pendant of Promise (NK/W30-022)
2 Pendant of Promise (NK/W30-071)
4 Kosaki, First Visit (NK/W30-080)
4 Marika, Tilting Her Head (NK/W30-059)
2 Marika, Transfer Student (NK/W30-067)

Level 2 – 6

2 Chitoge as Ghost (NK/W30-068)
1 Chitoge, Not Understanding What Happened (NK/W30-069)
1 Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing (NK/W30-081)
2 Marika, Daughter of the Police Chief (NK/W30-057)

Level 3 – 6

1 Seishirou, First Time Feeling (NK/W30-001)
1 Chitoge, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-002)
2 Marika, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-052)
2 Kosaki, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-076)

CX – 8

2 Promise of a Day Long Gone (NK/W30-099)
3 Fictitious Love (NK/W30-024)
3 Juliet in Love (NK/W30-075)

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