Nisekoi Deck Tech – ♥ Waifu, Hate Money


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! If you love Nisekoi and HATE money, we’ve got another more powered-up list for you today!

For this list, we enlisted the help of Tianyu Wei, the 2014 North American Intercontinental Champion. Tianyu has been featured in articles and interviews in the past. Shoutout to him for his input!

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used.

Because the set is so new, cards that have been seen previously may be introduced again.

So what is in this new list? Let’s find out!

Nisekoi – ♥ Waifu, Hate Money

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

1 Raku Being Similar (NK/W30-084)
3 Seishirou, Dramatically Changed Looks!? (NK/W30-004)
4 Chitoge, Surprising Side (NK/W30-053)
4 Chitoge, Summer Looks (NK/W30-P01)
2 Marika in Swimsuits (NK/W30-078)
2 Kosaki, Store’s Mascot Girl (NK/W30-033)

Level 1 – 16

4 Marika, Loving Carnage (NK/W30-056)
4 Kosaki, Progression of the Two (NK/W30-086)
4 Marika, Tilting her Head (NK/W30-059)
2 Pendant of Promise (NK/W30-071)
2 Pendant of Promise (NK/W30-097)

Level 2 – 2

1 Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing (NK/W30-081)
1 Chitoge as Ghost (NK/W30-068)

Level 3 – 8

4 Kosaki, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-076)
2 Marika, Maiden’s Heart (NK/W30-052)
2 Chitoge, Deepened Friendship (NK/W30-051)

CX – 8

4 Feelings of 10 Years (NK/W30-073)
4 I…… Lied…… (NK/W30-098)

At level 0, we have 16 characters.


Raku Being Similar Gives all other [Key] characters you control +500 power. When you play it, you may discard a card to Salvagea “Pendant of Promise”.


Seishirou, Dramatically Changed Looks!? gets +1500 power as long as you have 2 or less stock. (If you have 2 stock and attack with it, its power will be reduced!)


Chitoge, Surprising Side is a level reverser and (kind of) runner. At the beginning of your opponent’s battle phase, you can move it to the middle slot on your center stage.


Chitoge, Summer Looks gives your wallet -100 power characters you control in front of it +500 power. When you play any CX, you choose a character you control and it gains +1000 power until end of turn. (Yes, it’s a functional reprint of Asuna’s Married Life, to give an example)


Marika in Swimsuits gives another character you control +1000 power until end of turn when you attack with it. It also has a Brainstorm ability: pay 1 stock and rest two characters you control to search for up to 1 [Key] character for each CX revealed.


When you play Kosaki, Store’s Mascot Girl, you may pay 1 stock and discard a card. If you do, search your deck for up to 1 [Key] character.

At level 1, we have 16 cards: 12 characters and 4 events.


Marika, Loving Carnage has a CX combo with “Feelings of 10 Years”: when it reverses a character in battle, you may Salvage a character.


Kosaki Getting a Nosebleed Progression of the Two has a CX combo with “I…… Lied……”: at the beginning of your encore step, you may send this card to memory. If you do, at the start of your next draw phase, choose 1 Kosaki, Progression of the Two in memory, put it onto any slot on your stage, and it gets +3500 power until end of turn.


Marika, Tilting Her Head is a level 1 reverser if you have a “Pendant of Promise” in your memory. When you play it, you reveal the top card of your deck, and if it’s a [Key] character, put it into your hand and discard a card.


With this Pendant of Promise, you may rest 2 characters. If you do, Salvage up to 2 [Key] characters, and discard a card. Regardless of the action, send this to memory.


This Pendant of Promise gives a [Key] character you control +3000 power until end of turn, then goes to memory.

Level 2 has only 2 characters.


When you play Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing,  you shuffle your waiting room into your deck when you play it if there are 5 or fewer cards left in your deck. If you do, then draw a card. You may rest 2 [Key] characters to give a character +2000 power until end of turn.


Chitoge as Ghost has a 1 stock +2500 power Backup ability. When you use its Backup ability, you may pay 2 stock and send a character you control to the waiting room to select a character your opponent controls with a level higher than your opponent and send it to the waiting room.

At level 3, we have 8 characters.


Kosaki, Maiden’s Heart gets -1 level in your hand if you have 2 or more “Pendant of Promise” in memory. If you have 2 or more [Key] characters this gains +1000 power. When you play it, search for up to 1 [Key] character and put it in your hand. (You shuffle your deck regardless of the number of characters you find.)


Marika, Maiden’s Heart Burns 1 on attack if there are 2 or more “Pendant of Promise” in your memory. When this card reverses a character in battle, you may pay 2 stock and discard 3 cards. If you do, stand this.


Chitoge, Deepened Friendship has a Heal ability. You may pay 1 stock and rest 2 characters you control to give it +2000 power and “When this reverses a character in battle, you may put that card on top of its owner’s deck” until end of turn.

The CX spread is a 4/4 split between 1k1Door and 2k1 + 2 soul effects and triggers.



How do we use this deck?

Thanks to Tianyu for his input in the analysis.

M: If your wallet has survived the initial impact, this deck’s level 0 stands to make an opponent’s experience hellish from turn 1. Seishirou, Dramatically Changed Looks!? is a very strong front line character that can benefit from the frontal and/or global support effects.

Chitoge, Summer Looks is a support that will carry the deck from the early all the way to the mid-late game, as free +1000 power with any CX (or more if you control multiples) can make battles very difficult to win for your opponent. (As mentioned before, SAO players may recognize the card as a super expensive carbon copy of Asuna’s Married Life.)


T: Chitoge, First Love is an alternative option to the Brainstorm effects in the deck as it’s a repeatable effect and is good on both offense and defense. (It gives another character you control +1000 power whenever another character you control is reversed, and you can pay 1 stock to Brainstorm and give a character you control +2000 power until end of turn for each CX revealed)

M: At level 1, after the deck is done reversing the opponent’s characters left and right, it gains access to some more familiar effects. Remember Time Machine and Time Machine Miku? Kosaki, Progression of the Two is another functional reprint of the pair of cards. The idea is that you can get a “free” attack out of a Kosaki, Progression of the Two (ideally to trade with another character), and then gain card advantage on the following turn by reversing a(nother) character your opponent controls.

T: Don’t forget that there’s also the combo with Marika, Loving Carnage. With the CX combo, it becomes a massive card advantage engine for the deck, as you get to Salvage with no downside.

M: In this list, Pendant of Promise is used in a 2/2 split.

T: The actual split is highly subjective. Arguably, there is no “correct” answer because 3/1, 2/2 and 1/3 are all viable.

M: 3/1 in favor of the double Salvage Pendant was rather greedy, so this list went with a 2/2 split to ensure an equal chance at accessing either effect. At level 2, the Backup is particularly good against decks that want to get early level 3 characters into play (including but not limited to, other Nisekoi decks, Love Live!, Milky Holmes, Haruhi, Madoka, SAO, … the list goes on)

T: Disgaea players might see that the set has multiple effects that are restricted from that series. Even if they aren’t the same effect exactly, they are on the same line. Case in point, Kosaki, Angel in White Clothing, which draws a card instead of doing a point of Burn.

For the CX effects, 2k1 is seeing a lot more play to ensure that characters will be able to overpower the opponent. The level 3 Marika obviously benefits from the deck having 2k1 effects, but Summer Looks, Chitoge really pushes the deck to a whole different level of unfair. Free power just lying around means more opportunities to gain card advantage.

M: The level 1 game for this deck is larger than most, but the level 2 is not as small as it seems. Kosaki, Maiden’s Heart is the deck’s main plan of attack at level 2. Even if it is vulnerable to Backup effects that punish being over-level (Kantai, Nisekoi, Love Live!), it gives immediate card parity by searching for a card.

T: The best is being able to go Kosaki, Kosaki, Angel to get a full board and free deck refresh with +1 card for the cost of 5 stock. It’s not that difficult to setup for, and the upside is incredibly high.

M: The endgame characters in Marika and Chitoge can threaten a ton of damage without having to use a CX combo.

T: Don’t forget that even against other Nisekoi decks or decks that trigger on reversing a character (e.g. Log Horizon, Vividred Operation, etc), you can use your Chitoge as Ghost effect to effectively ‘sacrifice’ your character to make sure your opponent is unable to get their maximum benefit.

What does this deck not do well? How do we beat it? Is it missing something?

M: This list has a VERY good matchup against Wallet.dec, and will beat it soundly.

Jokes aside, it is worth mentioning that this particular list is rather expensive. While normally this isn’t included in a deck list at all, some players may find their ability to play this deck restricted because of the cost of entry.

Disclaimer: 9th CX does not endorse any particular store or distributor as a source of cards. The opinion expressed about price is based on an observation of price of cards around commonly used sources on the Internet.

T: The level 1 Chitoge support [from the previous article] is usually what I recommend that others use if they lack the PR Chitoge.

M: Interestingly, this list is also susceptible to any deck that has more level punishers (Backup abilities that send characters higher than level to the waiting room). The mirror is positioned to have many of these effects, but Kantai Collection and Love Live! also have access to these “level punish” abilities.

T: It’s very meta-dependent, especially for a deck such as this. If you expect a lot of players in the area to be using this deck for instance, having more Chitoge as Ghost to make Marika completely unable to reverse a character will matter.

M: The same goes with any other character that triggers upon reversing a character, in series such as Log Horizon and Love Live! (as previously mentioned).

Heal tax and anti-salvage will be annoying for the deck (i.e. Kantai Collection) but this deck aims to be as good as it can possibly be with the effects that it does have. That is to say that the anti-salvage abilities in Kantai Collection (and to a degree, Dog Days) can affect the deck, but the only anti-salvage that can truly stop the deck’s Salvage engine cold would be the one in Little Busters! Discarding 2 cards is much more painful than suffering a -3 soul penalty, especially because attacks can be crafted to go around the soul penalty.

However, as mentioned before, this deck does not have a lot of game against decks that repeatedly Heal, or are able to Bounce multiple characters. The deck also has no answer to Burn and anti-Burn abilities, so decks that are able to mitigate this through prevention, sheer power and other Backup abilities can cause the deck to lose momentum.

How does the deck stack up? Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? What would you say about its viability in the JP/EN metagames at large?

Greed: 4

This deck, like the previous deck featured, is still at the mercy of drawing and using a Pendant of Promise to be as unfair as possible. However, it still doesn’t branch into a third color and is color-stable as a result. The card quality is also such that its level 1 game has the potential to be so dominant that Pendant of Promise has a larger window to be drawn and used.

Power Range: 4 – 9.5

T: The Summer Looks Chitoge pushes this deck into a different level of unfairness. While the set is already very powerful (tier 1) going card for card with other series, the presence of the PR shoves it way over the top.

Difficulty: 7 – 8+

The main difficulty from this deck will stem from knowing what to expect from opposing decks, especially because many effects are based on requiring characters to be reversed in battle. Knowing how to sequence attacks properly by series is very relevant. Using Pendant of Promise to Salvage or just send to memory is a play that may also come up, and knowing when either mode is what is needed is another skill-testing moment that will come up during gameplay.

EN/JP Meta Viability:

Red-Blue Nisekoi stands to be a deck to beat in the JP meta for the foreseeable future. While certain configurations of the set will be built to combat lists like this, the power level is reminiscent of older powerful sets and Kantai Collection, which caused a shift in the JP metagame from the day it was released. The sheer power of the set (as shown in this list) is even causing questions as to whether cards may be restricted or put onto the Choose One list.

If nothing else, knowing what the set has access to is very important as it will likely be seen in large numbers in major events.

Good luck!

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