Budget Deck Tech – Angel Beats! Re:Edit ft. Yui

Yui Yui Yui


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at a budget deck from Angel Beats! Re:Edit, Music!

This deck tech is just one in a series of looks at how to build a potentially viable (though not necessarily competitive) deck with this set without breaking the bank. Most analysis that would be done for other decks will be skipped for this article. But enough of that, the song is going! Let’s get to the list!

My Soul Your Beats ft. Yui

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 15

4 Yui’s Sex Appeal? (AB/W31-E004)
4 Sekine Loves Pranks (AB/W31-E107)
1 Always Together, Sekine & Irie (AB/W31-E032)
2 Powerful Performance, Irie (AB/W31-E108)
4 Yui & Hinata (AB/W31-E017)

Level 1 – 14

4 A Good Understanding, Iwasawa & Hisako (AB/W31-E007)
4 Always Energetic, Yui (AB/W31-E022)
4 Song I Wanted to Sing (AB/W31-E048)
2 Baseball Girl, Yui (AB/W31-E041)

Level 2 – 6

2 Cool Beauty, Iwasawa (AB/W31-E009)
1 Sub-leader, Hisako (AB/W31-E109)
3 “Crow Song” Iwasawa (AB/W31-E110)

Level 3 – 7

4 Realizing a Dream, Yui (AB/W31-E011)
3 Passionate Girl, Yui (AB/W31-E014)

CX – 8

4 Memories of GirlDeMo (AB/W31-E050)
4 A Girl’s Ultimate Happiness (AB/W31-E054)

At level 0 we have 15 characters.

When Yui’s Sex Appeal? attacks, reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a CX, this card gets – 3000 power until end of turn.

When Sekine Loves Pranks is reversed, you may pay 1 stock, discard a card and send it to memory. If you do, tutor (search for) 1 [Music] character.

Always Together, Sekine & Irie has a 1 stock Bond to “Cool Beauty, Iwasawa”.

Powerful Performance, Irie has a Brainstorm effect: Pay 1 stock, and for each CX revealed, you may tutor 1 [Music] character and discard a card.

Yui & Hinata gains +1000 power on your turn. When it becomes reversed, reveal the top card of your deck. If it is a [Music] character, you may put this into memory.

At level 1 we have 10 characters and 4 events.

A Good Understanding, Iwasawa & Hisako gains +1500 power if you have at least one card in memory.

Always Energetic, Yui gains +500 power for every other [Music] character you have.

Song I Wanted to Sing is a +3500 power event with Counter Step timing. (It can be played during your Counter Step.)

Baseball Girl, Yui gives all your [Music] characters +500 power during your turn. It also gives level 2 or higher characters you control in front of it +1000 power.

At level 2 we have 6 characters.

Cool Beauty, Iwasawa has a CX combo with “Memories of GirlDeMo”: When you play the CX, you may put this in your memory. If you do choose a “Realizing a Dream, Yui” in your hand and put it in slot this was in.

Sub-leader, Hisako is a level x500 assist to cards in front of it. You may rest it to give a [Music] character +500 power until end of turn.

“Crow Song” Iwasawa gains +500 power for every other [Music] character you have and cannot be targeted by your opponent’s effects.

Realizing a Dream, Yui gains +1000 power if you have 2 or more [Music] characters in your memory. It also has an on play Heal effect. It also has a CX combo with “Memories of GirlDeMo”: When this attacks, all your [Death] characters gain +3500 power until end of turn.

Passionate Girl, Yui cannot be targeted by your opponent’s effects. When this card is played, choose up to 2 of your other characters and they gain +1000 power and +1 soul until end of turn. When it attacks, you may pay 1 stock and discard a card. If you do, Bounce 1 of your opponent’s characters and this gains +1000 power until end of turn.

The CX spread is 4 2k1 and 4 1k1 + Bounce.

How do we use this deck?

This deck has a fairly compressed level 0, with specific effects. The aim should be to reverse other characters as much as possible, without rushing the opponent to level 1. The deck has a very good repeatable Brainstorm ability that can help smooth out a CX-heavy draw, and also keep characters going into level 1.

Before the first refresh, try to send as many cards to memory as possible. The fewer non-CX cards that get refreshed, the lower the amount of potential damage dealt to you, the user, is!

During level 1, A Good Understanding, Iwasawa & Hisako and Always Energetic, Yui can put up a good fight against a lot of characters, especially when backed by a +3500 power “Backup” in Song I Wanted to Sing. Fortunately, most of the characters on the center stage will not cost any stock. The plan is even more straightforward than the level 0: attack, and attack more!

Cool Beauty, Iwasawa has a CX combo that allows you to “Change” into Realizing a Dream, Yui, which is also this deck’s primary Heal effect. “Crow Song” Iwasawa is in the deck to not only be a moderately large threat, but also one that cannot be answered by effects such as Bounce.

Passionate Girl, Yui has the ability to give your characters more soul for a turn, and the added benefit of being unable to be targeted by your opponent.

What does this deck not do well? Is it missing something? How do we beat it?

The deck is a “budget” list, so naturally it will have access to fewer very powerful effects than its “non-budget” counterparts.


“Little Braver” Yui is one of the first “easy upgrades” to the deck. However, it was omitted from the list due to its restrictive cost.

The deck is not favored to win against decks that are thought of to be the dominant “meta” decks, such as SAO. (This is even more true if the deck’s range is expanded to include the Japanese metagame, where decks such as Da Capo could probably sneeze and win)

Because the deck does not have many ways to answer powerful characters until much later in the game, any deck that is able to provide a large character at level 1 (e.g. SAO, Lucky Star, Rewrite) will be able to bowl over the deck easily. But, being a budget deck, competition is not necessarily at the front of this deck’s mind.

What can we learn while using this deck then?

Things to focus on while using this deck include:

Conserve resources at level 1, and focus on building stock at that time. Many decks in the game will do just that, and start really winning the game at level 1. Some do it at level 2, but most do it at level 1.

Abilities notwithstanding, power wins battle steps. Remember to use counters especially when you know that the following turn you’ll be able to reverse a(nother) character your opponent controls.

If you need to, push for 3/3/3 attacks at level 3! Even if 2/2/2 is the most stable, if your opponent is at 3/4, an attack for 2 won’t end the game, but an attack for 3 will!

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