Kantai Collection Double Deck Tech – 1st in Osaka BCF 2014

KanColle Yamato


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at a deck that won the 2014 Osaka Bushiroad Card Fight (BCF)  – Kantai Collection (KanColle)!

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes. If translations are unavailable for the card, in-house translations will be used.

The deck list can be found listed on Bushiroad’s website here.

Author’s Note: Kantai Collection has been featured on the site numerous times already. As such, the first half of the deck tech will only highlight unique cards that have not been seen in prior lists. The list that won the Asia Champs 2014 can be found here

Let’s go to the breakdown!


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 14

4 Hatsukaze, 7th Kagero-class Destroyer (KC/S25-006)
4 Inazuma, Blunderer (KC/S25-061)
3 Hibiki, 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer (KC/S25-056)
1 Ikazuchi, Works Hard (KC/S25-057)
2 Satsuki, 5th Mutsuki-class Destroyer (KC/S25-104)

Level 1 – 17

4 Shimakaze, Shimakaze-class Destroyer (KC/S25-003)
2 I-8, 2nd Junsen-class Type J-3 Submarine (KC/S25-009)
4 Verniy, “Trustworthy” Destroyer (KC/S25-038)
2 Yahagi, 3rd Agano-class Light Cruiser (KC/S25-010)
2 Ashigara, 3rd Myoukou-class Heavy Cruiser (KC/S25-158)
3 Compass (KC/S25-031)

Level 2 – 4

1 I-8 Kai, 2nd Junsen-class Type J-3 Submarine (KC/S25-019)
2 Junyou, 2nd Hiyou-class Light Aircraft Carrier (KC/S25-028)
1 Zuihou, 2nd Shouhou-class Light Aircraft Carrier (KC/S25-134)

Level 3 – 7

3 Musashi, 2nd Yamato-class Battleship (KC/S25-002)
4 Akagi Kai, Akagi-class Aircraft Carrier (KC/S25-035)

CX – 8

4 Swift as the Island Wind (KC/S25-034)
4 Akagi of the First Carrier Division, Deploying! (KC/S25-075)

At level 0 we have 14 characters.

At level 1 we have 14 characters and 3 events.

At level 2 we have 5 characters, and 2 variants.


I-8 Kai, 2nd Junsen-class Type J-3 Submarine gains +1000 power when another [Fleet Girl] you control attacks, and you can rest a [Fleet Girl] to give it +1000 power until end of turn.


Junyou, 2nd Hiyou-class Light Aircraft Carrier cannot be targeted by your opponent’s effects and gives all other [Fleet Girl] characters you control +1 soul.

At level 3 we have 7 characters.

The CX spread is a 4/4 split between 4 2k1 + 2 soul and 4 1k1 + Gold.

How do we play this deck?

The cards in the level 0 are very familiar. We have the set’s trademark Heal tax and anti-salvage abilities, as well as a couple of level reversers. There is only one Brainstorm effect, but there is a full set of the Inazuma, Blunderer to “accelerate” to level 1 with the right characters. Because there are so many search effects in the deck, the deck can afford to be very aggressive with its level 0 lineup.

Early on, the deck wants to play very few characters and search for Shimakaze, Shimakaze-class Destroyer and its CX combo. The level 0 being so small is actually a blessing in disguise that forces the opponent into an awkward line: if the deck has very few if not no level 0 characters, if it rushes the opponent to level 1, it risks allowing the deck to search for multiple characters for free if it responds with the Shimakaze CX combo. Sometimes, decks are so stock-intensive that it will have to do this anyway and attempt to maintain a stock advantage. In any case, the aim of level 1 should be to secure as much card advantage as possible through Shimakaze.

In case Shimakaze is unable to ship any card advantage to hand, Yahagi, 3rd Agano-class Light Cruiser is there to hold the front by reversing other characters by way of superior power. Its clock encore ensures that it will be a nuisance for the opponent, and the Backup from Ashigara, 3rd Myoukou-class Heavy Cruiser will defend it from most characters.

Junyou, 2nd Hiyou-class Light Aircraft Carrier at level 2 can give each attacking character a little more punch, especially if the board has been well-defended. With the very low number of Brainstorm effects in the deck, Compass holds a very key role in denying damage. Even though it can “over-cancel” by putting more than one CX in the waiting room, it will usually work out in the user’s favor unless the ratio of CXs remaining in the deck versus non-CX cards remaining is unusually high.

The endgame consists of the ever-present Akagi & Musashi duo which send reversed characters to clock and punish for canceling respectively.

What does this deck not do well? Is it missing something? How do we beat it?

Kantai Collection (KanColle) is currently seen as a benchmark set. That is, if a deck cannot post good results against decks from it, then its viability can potentially considered questionable.

This particular version of Kantai is relatively low-stock and should never find itself short of a color. Even if it misses playing characters entirely at level 0, it can still find ways to search its deck for key pieces and whatever it needs at the time.

It’s worth mentioning that Hatsukaze, 7th Kagero-class Destroyer only triggers during the battle phase. Salvage abilities that occur outside of the battle phase (such as event cards and Bond abilities) will not trigger it. Decks that are able to mitigate Hatsukaze’s effect by Salvaging outside of battle will have an easier time against the deck than a deck that has 8 Door triggers, for instance.

Because the deck has such effective “counters” to two of the game’s most popular abilities, playing against it is a matter of knowing what it can do. This build for example, cannot deal with Change abilities or characters that “snowball”, that is, gain power upon reversing other characters. It also does not have access to Bounce abilities, and its Backup ability only gives +2500 power at most. To ensure that a ship will be sunk character will be reversed, a player could, (without overextending) attempt to beat a character by going over it by at least 2500 power.

While the deck does have access to a single Change ability of its own (I-8 Kai, 2nd Junsen-class Type J-3 Submarine), the character is difficult to defend because all it has is power on its controller’s turn. Bounce abilities, if used on said character, are potentially crippling.

Backup abilities at level 3 are particularly effective against Akagi, because the most stock that the player at that point will be entering the following turn is 3 (barring a Gold trigger). Anti-burn is also very good against Musashi, and the ability may very well be considered an effective counter to most of the deck’s endgame because it has only one other level 3 character in Akagi.

Interestingly enough, even though the deck’s level 1 is potentially quite powerful, its main CX combo is based on reversing other characters. If a deck has access to large Backup effects and is able to get to level 1 first without leaving a hanging level 0 character on the center stage (which would be very easy for a Shimakaze to prey on), it can choke the deck’s stream of cards and force it to search for cards by way of exchanging stock and cards in hand; a much less favorable situation.

If a deck does intend to use Door triggers to SalvageBounce triggers can offer a solution to an early anti-salvage.

An even more specific tip involves using the anti-salvage -3 soul trigger to one’s advantage, especially if it’s played early on.

For example, if the opponent is at 0/0 to 0/3 or even 0/4 and a Door is triggered, it can be correct to accept the extra card and decline to deal damage to the opponent. The idea behind that is that the opponent will have an additional incentive to attack you to maintain card parity or advantage (Parity meaning 1 for 1, advantage suggesting 2+ for 1) should you (potentially inevitably) hit level 1 first and have a board that is unaffected by the Shimakaze CX combo.

This is highly contextual and very dependent on the deck one is using, but it’s something to keep in mind.

How does the deck stack up? Is it conservative or greedy? What’s its overall power range? Is it easy or difficult to use? What would you say about its viability in the JP/EN metagames at large?

Greed: 3

The deck does use two colors, but the chances of it being stranded on a single color during a game are so low it is effectively a non-issue. It uses search effects at level 0 and at level 1, and can effectively deploy the characters it needs at almost any given time as a result.

Power Range: 5 – 8

The deck has a very consistent and somewhat linear game plan. Most of its decisions will come based on what the deck needs at the time. When an Inazuma is reversed, presumably the search will be for whatever level 1 character is needed for the next level. When a  I-8, 2nd Junsen-class Type J-3 Submarine is used to search, it can be used for anything, but it will most likely be used for later levels, especially to search for either Akagi or Musashi.

The reason that its low range of power may come into play is because Верный is not especially powerful on its own and gets reversed very easily. If the Shimakaze CX combo is not able to resolve during a game, the deck can and most likely will struggle. Its level 2, though good for extending an advantage with more powerful soul attacks, is not well-positioned to stage comebacks.

Difficulty: 4 – 5

Experience with the game as a whole matters a little more with this deck in comparison to others. However, because the deck does not interact with itself in a detrimental fashion (that is, it doesn’t use Door triggers), decisions should be relatively straightforward throughout the game.

Players should also be careful to not use the “clock swap” Brainstorm ability with no cards in clock; for every CX revealed, they will be forced to put one card into clock!

EN/JP Meta Viability:

As this set has not been released in EN, it is not applicable to the EN metagame.

As for the deck’s viability in the JP meta, as mentioned before, it’s considered a benchmark. If a meta is completely unknown, a list like this (if not the list itself) is a very safe choice.

However, it is almost never a surprise to see the deck (except for areas where access to cards may be limited, for example), and a detracting factor could be the fact that many experienced players know exactly what to expect from the set at any given time and may be playing something that effectively ignores what the deck is attempting to accomplish.

Predictability can be (but is not always) a liability, but in a longer and larger tournament (40+ players for example), this is less likely to matter. In a meta where a small group knows exactly what the others play (8 players for example) though, this can matter.

Author’s Note: Felix finally won a tournament! We’ll be featuring his deck list here as a bonus section.

Why Kantai Win Yamato 4 Life

Deck list

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

3 Hatsukaze, 7th Kagero-class Destroyer (KC/S25-006)
3 Hibiki, 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer (KC/S25-056)
2 Ikazuchi, Works Hard (KC/S25-057)
4 Satsuki, 5th Mutsuki-class Destroyer (KC/S25-104)
4 Maikaze, 18th Kagero-class Destroyer (KC/S25-007)

Level 1 – 14

3 Shimakaze, Shimakaze-class Destroyer (KC/S25-003)
1 I-168, 1st Kaidai VIa Submarine (KC/S25-024)
4 Verniy, “Trustworthy” Destroyer (KC/S25-038)
1 Yahagi, 3rd Agano-class Light Cruiser (KC/S25-010)
2 Ashigara, 3rd Myoukou-class Heavy Cruiser (KC/S25-158)
3 Yuubari, Yuubari-class Light Cruiser (KC/S25-037)

Level 2 – 4

2 Chitose Carrier Kai-Ni, 1st Chitose-class Light Aircraft Carrier (KC/S25-040)
2 Zuihou, 2nd Shouhou-class Light Aircraft Carrier (KC/S25-134)

Level 3 – 8

1 Yamato, 1st Yamato-class Battleship (KC/S25-001)
4 Musashi, 2nd Yamato-class Battleship (KC/S25-002)
3 Haruna, 3rd Kongou-class Battleship (KC/S25-084)

CX – 8

4 Swift as the Island Wind (KC/S25-034)
4 All Airplane Squadron, Begin Launching! (KC/S25-033)

At level 0 we have 16 characters.

At level 1 we have 14 characters.

At level 2 we have 4 characters, and 1 variant.



Chitose Carrier Kai-Ni, 1st Chitose-class Light Aircraft Carrier gives all your other [Fleet Girl] characters +1000 power and has a 2 stock Encore effect.

At level 3 we have 8 characters.

The CX spread is between 4 2k1 and 4 1k1 + Bounce.

Felix’s Note: Yamato is #1!!

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