SAO 2 Deck Tech – 1st in 2014 OH Neo-Showdown Qualifiers

Found Some Dragon Stuff

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we will be looking at the deck that won the Neo-Showdown Qualifier in Ohio: Sword Art Online!

This deck and report are brought to you by Clinton Chan, who is from Chicago, Illinois. Because SAO and SAO vol. 2 have been released in English, the official card names will be used.

Now onto the list!

SAO aka “Kirito Chose Wrong”

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

4 Asuna’s Married Life (SAO/S20-008)
4 Asuna Lays on the Sofa (SAO/S20-003)
3 Lisbeth’s Professional Pride (SAO/S20-050)
2 Silica’s Unyielding Trust (SAO/S20-051)
1 Lisbeth’s Blessings (SAO/S20-048)
2 Kirito in the Battlefield (SAO/S20-079)

Level 1 – 13

2 Vice Commander, Asuna (SAO/S20-010)
3 Asuna Takes Shelter (SAO/S20-011)
4 Asuna Invites to Party (SAO/S20-001)
2 Self-sacrifice (SAO/S20-022)
2 Lisbeth Changes Clothes (SAO/S20-052)

Level 2 – 3

1 <<Lightning Flash>> Asuna (SAO/S20-002)
1 Lisbeth’s Determined Confession (SAO/S20-053)
1 <<Demonic Sword Gram>> (SAO/S26-058)

Level 3 – 10

2 Asuna’s Commanding Strength (SAO/S20-007)
4 Leafa’s Pure Wish (SAO/S20-027)
4 Like a Younger Sister, Silica (SAO/S20-047)

CX – 8

2 Star Splash (SAO/S20-024)
1 Star Splash (SAO/S26-081)
2 Sought Warmth (SAO/S20-072)
3 Pina’s Resurrection (SAO/S20-074)

Author’s Note: As you may have noticed, SAO and decks with these colors in particular have been already featured on the site in the past. Just because it’s been featured before though, doesn’t take away from the fact that the list and player were able to take down a major event. That said, this deck tech will be a shorter look at the more unique cards in the deck that haven’t been seen previously. You can check out the older variations that were able to win Fanime 2014, Neo-Showdown 2014 NY, and 2013 WGP Qualifier to see the breakdowns of nearly every card in the deck.

Level 0 features 16 characters, and 1 variant.


Lisbeth’s Blessings has a Bond with “Asuna Invites to Party”, and gives all your characters with “Asuna” in the name +500 power until end of turn when it attacks.

Level 1 has 13 cards – 2 events and 11 characters.

Level 2 has an interesting arrangement of cards at 3 cards – 2 characters and 1 event.


Demonic Sword Gram gives a character you control +3000 power until end of turn, and until end of turn, your opponent cannot play Backup effects.

Level 3 contains a familiar mix of 10 characters.

The CX spread for the deck is unique, as it uses a single copy of the variant of <<Star Splash>> that has a Fire trigger.

(Image currently unavailable)

How do we use this deck?

The plan has been largely laid out in previous deck techs: play to sculpt the hand and stock at level 1 with Asuna Invites to Party, or snowball the game with an Asuna Takes Shelter. Level 2 offers utility in its one-ofs to provide support and provide pushing power. Demon Sword Gram is an interesting solution to the mirror to shut down opposing Backup effects, and is also good overall to win an attack “on board”. Level 3 has the familiar set of Heal effects in Asuna and Silica, but also runs the CX combo with the Silica to add extra secure damage. The level 3 Leafa makes another appearance to lock down a board as early as level 2 as well.

How do we beat it? What does the deck not do well? Is there something missing? 

One of the ways that one can give the deck a difficult time is to hit level 1 before it does. Though this is not necessarily a card-specific strategy, cards that Accelerate at level 0 can ensure that this happens. Bounce triggers can keep an unruly Asuna Takes Shelter at bay, and Heal tax abilities can prevent the deck from mounting a comeback at later levels.

However, it should be noted that this deck and its variations have won multiple notable tournaments worldwide. The deck has a lot of utility, so determining how to beat the deck is a matter of exploiting its predictability. For example, to avoid being shut out at level 2, one might save a 1k1 effect to soul rush the deck into a refresh so that it isn’t able to play its Leafa a level early. One could also avoid playing many characters at level 0 to ensure that he or she reaches level 1 first, without sacrificing hand advantage or giving up stock.

Let’s hear from Clinton!

M: Congratulations on the win! What was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?

C: During my bubble match I was up paired with one of the 3 remaining people that were undefeated. When we were both at 3/1 on my turn and time was called during my attack step. I declared a frontal attack with my level 3 Leafa into his level 0 Sayaka Looks up to Mami, and he activated Sayaka’s Wish bringing him to 3.0. What proceeded was a several minute-long judge decision on do I lose the game there or would my attack finish. The head judge allowed my attack to finish and the 2 damage stuck and I was able to win at 3.2-3.1. The ruling was in my favor, but I absolutely should have side attacked, darn well knowing I’m playing against a Madoka deck with Sayakas.

M: What was a really unlucky moment you had during the tournament?

C: My round 1 in a game that I was dominating. I couldn’t close even with 5 attacks that could have ended the game. The worst was the first potential game-ender but I triggered a soul and when to a 2 soul attack and it was canceled on 2 when he was at 3/6.

M: Did you have any incredible comebacks?

C: I didn’t feel like I had any comebacks. In all my games I was almost always ahead and I didn’t have to play behind very often.

M: How did the final match go for you? What did you play against?

C: I played against Audri and her Love Live! deck. I knew going in it was going to be very difficult because she has considerable experience advantage and Love Live! is her signature set. If anybody can use that deck to its full potential it would be her.

I was luckily able to go first and fortunately for me I wasn’t staying at level 0 very long and she had 3 cancels at her level 0. I was able to set up a marker Asuna that dominated the board for several turns until she was able to get a Bounce trigger and send her to my hand, but at that point I was far enough ahead that I felt that I had enough to push for the last level. She was able to make a big comeback at level 3 and almost ended the game with a level 3 Nico attack, if I didn’t had a cancel that attack, it would have been game over with her triggering the ‘send to clock’ effect. After seeing how closely I nearly lost, I knew I had to end the game next turn since we were both at 3/3. My first 2 attacks were canceled and luckily my last attack got a soul trigger I needed and it luckily stuck for victory.
M: How did you prepare for the tournament? Did you do anything special the day of the tournament?
C: Well, I definitely wished that I came in well-rested but I was dead tired and made several mistakes throughout the day that I shouldn’t have. The good thing is that I didn’t go in sleepy and hungry; the hotel had a very nice breakfast.
M: Any other shoutouts or things you would like to say?
C: I would like to give many of shoutouts. I would like to thank Bushiroad for running a fine event. I would like to thank the players I met and played against for providing a great experience and reaffirming my belief that this is a great community. Shoutouts to the other great player base in Illinois at BC Collectibles in Danville, IL that includes Audri. Shoutouts to Top Cuts Gaming Chicago in Chicago, IL. Lastly shoutouts to my friends from Top Cut Comics including Broderick that got 3rd, Vince that got 4th, and Kymantas that lost to Audri in top 8. Great players can only be made with great competition.

M: Thank you for the interview and congratulations again, Clinton!

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