Kill La Kill Deck Tech – Best Friends

Kill La Kill Ryuko Mako

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we’re going to take a look at an experimental build of Kill La Kill.  Because this set is set for release in both JP and EN, this deck tech will be considered both!

Card names will be matched to the translations provided by Heart of the Cards.

Author’s Note: Coopa of FinestKO and I brainstormed some ideas for how to build decks from this set. On stream, he has been testing a very similar list of the deck to decent success. The list here is not exactly what has been used, but is similar enough on the whole. As such, we present this as a deck to try, but will also be including some analysis to justify card choices. 

Now onto the list!

Kill La Kill – Best Friends Build

Level 0 – 18

4 Mako, Worrying (KLK/S27-003)
2 Ryuko, Re-Capturing Senketsu! (KLK/S27-044)
2 Gamagouri, Keeping the Moral (KLK/S27-080)
4 Senketsu, Ryuko’s Outfit (KLK/S27-045)
4 Ryuko, First Encounter with Senketsu (KLK/S27-046)
2 Satsuki, First Step to the Goal (KLK/S27-074)

Level 1 – 14

4 “Berserk” Ryuko (KLK/S27-047)
4 Junketsu (KLK/S27-066)
3 Ryuko of 2-A (KLK/S27-006)
3 Ryuko, to a New Self (KLK/S27-041)

Level 2 – 3

2 Classic Trap (KLK/S27-018)
1 Red Gauntlet (KLK/S28-067)

Level 3 – 7

3 Ryuko, Decided to Wear and Finish the Fight! (KLK/S27-042)
4 Mako, Can’t Be Stopped (KLK/S27-002)

CX – 8

4 Graduating From Sailor Uniform (KLK/S27-068)
4 I Said, It’s My Turn! (KLK/S27-019)

At level 0, we have 18 characters.


Mako, Worrying, gives all your other [Clothes] and/or [Family] characters +500 power. It also gives your other character in the middle slot of your center stage the ability “This cannot be chosen as a target of your opponent’s effects.”


When you play Ryuko, Recapturing Senketsu! you may pay 2 stock. If you do, you search for up to 1 “Red Gauntlet” from your deck. It also has a Brainstorm ability: pay 1 stock and give a [Clothes] or [Family] character you control +2000 power until end of turn for each CX revealed.


Gamagouri, Keeping the Moral gets +1000 power if you have 3 or more cards in your clock. You can also Accelerate to give it +2500 power until end of turn.


When you play Senketsu, Ryuko’s Outfit, it gives gives a character you control with a marker(s) under it +1000 power until end of turn. It is also a level reverser.


When Ryuko, First Encounter with Senketsu is reversed, you may pay 1 stock, discard a card, and send it to memory. If you do, you choose 1 “‘Berserk’ Ryuko” from your waiting room and put it in the slot it was in. It also has a Heal tax ability.


When Satsuki, First Step to the Goal is sent from the stage to the waiting room, you may pay 1 stock and discard a card. If you do, you search for up to 1 [Clothes] character.

At level 1, we have 14 characters.


“Berserk” Ryuko cannot be reversed by your opponent’s characters’ abilities. (That is, level reversers do not work on this card) When it is placed into the waiting room from the stage, you put the top card of your deck into clock.


Junketsu gives a [Clothes] character you control +3500 power until end of turn.


When Ryuko of 2-A reverses a character in battle, send that character to stock.


Ryuko, to a New Self has two abilities with the CX “Graduating from Sailor Uniform”: when it attacks, it gains +4500 power until end of turn, and if you are level 2 or higher, you may choose a card in your opponent’s waiting room and put it on top of his or her deck.

At level 2, we have 3 events and 0(!) characters.


Classic Trap returns any character you control to your hand.


Red Gauntlet has a double Salvage effect.

At level 3, we have 7 characters.


When you play Ryuko, Decided to Wear and Finish the Fight!, you may send 1 “Junketsu” in your waiting room to memory. If you do, you choose 1 “Senketsu, Ryuko’s Outfit” in your waiting room and put it under it as a marker. When it is reversed, you may pay 1 stock and put a [Clothes] character in your hand under it as a marker. If you do, rest it. At the beginning of your encore step, you may pay 2 stock. If you do, deal X damage to your opponent where X is the number of markers under it.


Mako, Can’t Be Stopped gains +X power until end of turn where X is 500 times the number of [Clothes] and/or [Family] characters you control. During the turn that you play this from hand to stage, it gains an ability that triggers up to once: When damage dealt by it is canceled, you put the top card of your deck into the waiting room and deal X+1 damage to your opponent where X is that card’s level.

The deck’s CX spread is all 1k1 effects with a 4/4 split between Door and Bounce triggers respectively.



How do we use this deck?

The level 0 has the suspiciously familiar “heal tax effect that sends itself to memory and pulls an oversized character to the stage super early on” in Ryuko, First Encounter with Senketsu. It has a ‘global’ +500 power with Mako, Worrying and can trade with troublesome level 0 characters with Senketsu, Ryuko’s Outfit. Gamagouri is there to ensure that the deck doesn’t stall at less than 0/4 in case it accidentally gets the opponent to level 1 first. Ryuko, Re-Capturing Senketsu has two roles. The first is that it can Brainstorm excess cards away if stock is plentiful and the number of CXs remaining in deck is low. It can also serve as a really good mid to late-game draw by searching up a Red Gauntlet. Satsuki, First Step to the Goal, unlike other searchers, can actually be played on the first turn without losing value because its ability functions upon being sent to the waiting room and not being played.

At level 1, “Berserk” Ryuko does all the heavy lifting for the deck. Junketsu is a seemingly standard +3500 power Backup event that keeps most characters at bay and makes attacking feel horrible for the opponent. Ryuko of 2-A can also eliminate characters that have hand or clock encore and prevent the opponent from maintaining much of a field presence in the early game.

At level 2-

Wait! What about that last level 1 Ryuko?

At level 2, Ryuko to a New Self shines most. Though the CX combo is perfectly fine as a way to blow something up early on (10000+ power is pretty difficult to match at level 1), it’s best used as a way to secure a lot of damage in the later portion of the midgame, especially right before a refresh. Though unlikely, 3 copies of this card can attack to net 6+ secure damage, as well as 3 stock. While attacking with 1 or 2 is more realistic for the deck, it runs 3 copies to maximize its opportunities for extra damage.

Aside from that one character, the level 2 is primarily meant to be carried by “Berserk” Ryuko and Junketsu. Red Gauntlet can refill the hand in case of an excess amount of stock, but getting to level 3 with 6 stock is very ideal. Classic Trap is best when used on Can’t Be Stopped, Mako, but can also be used to ‘cheat’ damage away from an opponent wanting to reverse a “Berserk” Ryuko.

Level 3 is when the attacks flood in. Ryuko, Decided to Wear and Finish the Fight! can start with one marker, but can continue to “build meter” (gain more markers) as it gets reversed more. The card can deal damage at the start of your encore step for a mere 2 stock. If you have attacked with 3 characters in a turn, it’s effectively a free attack because its “encore” ability only costs 1 stock. It should be noted too that the “encore” ability doesn’t send it to the waiting room first; if you pay 3 stock to encore it, it will lose the markers!

Mako, Can’t Be Stopped has an effect that some might remember from a card of the same number from Kantai Collection. (Interestingly enough, both Musashi and Mako are 002) Though Mako doesn’t get an extra attack per se, it only gets that extra “attack” if the damage it deals originally is canceled, thus making it one of the best ways to secure a game.

The Door and Bounce triggers both serve as a way to preserve the deck’s hand size, and also deal with unfair characters.

What does this deck not do well? How do we beat it? Is it missing something?

Something that was noted during testing is that the deck feels like it loses a lot of hand size early on. Level 0-1 can actually end up putting the player at 3-5 cards in hand, instead of the ideal 6-7. If the deck gets an early “Berserk” Ryuko onto the stage, a solution is to rush down the deck and attack for as  much as possible. The benefits of doing this are twofold: it makes the early advantage less relevant, and it forces the opponent to try to keep up in damage which can lower his or her potential damage in future turns, especially if a “Graduating From Sailor Uniform” is played.

If a deck cannot rush a “Berserk” Ryuko down, its best option may be to hold characters to build a better hand for future turns, and if necessary, side attack the Ryuko.

The “runner” PR Ryuko that can send itself to the middle slot of the center stage is a card worth considering. Though the middle slot of the center stage is the most difficult space to contest (it tends to be where the most powerful characters are played because it gains the most power from various support effects), it can still run from larger level 0 characters early in the season in the game.


This deck’s Heal tax effect can be difficult for the deck to maintain, and it does not have a very good incentive to use the effect “just because” it wants to keep a Heal tax active. A deck that makes use of repeated Heal effects can still do well against this particular build, but only if it can do it early (e.g. Haruhi, Madoka, Milky Holmes). Anti-salvage effects are only partially effective against this deck’s strategy. However, Anti-burn and effects that reduce soul are exceptionally effective against the deck, reducing its options and ability to end games with extra damage.

This deck can also afford to stop sending cards to its clock at level 1, especially if it can sufficiently defend a “Berserk” Ryuko. Effects that force an opponent to discard a card and Bounce triggers (in the absence of a Mako, or if the “Berserk” Ryuko is not in the middle slot) can soundly disrupt the deck’s early game, which can translate to an easier late game as long as the CX combo with Ryuko, to a New Self doesn’t make an appearance.

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