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Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz Deck Techs! For this article, we’re going to take a look at the deck that made it to the finals of the 2014 Fanime Bushiroad Weiss Schwarz tournament!

This deck tech and interview are brought to you by Eddie “Konata” Liu, from San Jose, CA. Because the event allowed English cards only, English card names will be used.

Now to the breakdown!

Lovely Godoka!!

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 15

3 Madoka’s Battle with Walpurgisnacht (MM/W17-032)
1 Homura Watches Over (MM/W17-024)
2 Kyoko Parts at the Subway Platform (MM/W17-072)
3 Supporting Role, Kyubey (MM/W17-067)
3 Kyoko Shares an Apple (MM/W17-063)
3 Sayaka Fights for Others (MM/W17-083)

Level 1 – 10

2 Kyoko Arrives (MM/W17-074)
4 Second-year of Mitakihara Middle School, Sayaka (MM/W17-094)
2 Sayaka’s Healing Prayers (MM/W17-85)
2 Magical Girl of Bows, Madoka (MM/W17-26)

Level 2 – 9

2 Madoka’s Swaying Feelings (MM/W17-027)
1 Time Regressor Homura (MM/W17-035)
2 Magical Girl Appears (MM/W17-078)
4 Sayaka’s Wish (MM/W17-098)

Level 3 – 8

4 Ultimate Madoka (MM/W17-030)
4 Sayaka Miki (MM/W17-082)

CX – 8

4 Sayaka VS Kyoko (MM/W17-079)
4 I was stupid, so stupid (MM/W17-099)

(Most of the cards have already been covered in a previous article)

At level 0, we have 15 characters.


Madoka’s Battle with Walpurgisnacht gets +1500 power as long as you control 2 or fewer other characters.


Homura Watches Over has a Brainstorm effect: pay 1 stock and rest 2 characters and tutor (search) for a [Magic] character for each CX revealed.


Kyoko Parts at the Subway Platform is a level reverser.


As long as Supporting Role, Kyubey is on your center stage, your other character in the center slot gets clock encore.


Kyoko Shares an Apple is a Bond for “Second-year of Mitakihara Middle School, Sayaka”, and gives characters of that name +1000 power.


Sayaka Fights for Others gives your other “Howling Kyoko” characters +1000 power and hand encore, but that effect is unused in this deck. It also gives your characters in front of it +500 power.

At level 1, we have 10 characters.


Kyoko Arrives has a 0 stock +1500 power Backup ability.


Second-year of Mitakihara Middle School, Sayaka, is a vanilla 5500 power character.


Whenever Sayaka’s Healing Prayers is reversed, you put the top card of your deck into clock and rest it. (This happens before the encore step)


Magical Girl of Bows, Madoka, gets +1000 power if you have 4 or more stock.

At level 2, we have 3 characters and 6 events.


Madoka’s Swaying Feelings is a level support and can Change into Ultimate Madoka.


When you play Time Regressor Homura, if you have 5 or fewer cards in your deck, you shuffle your waiting room into your deck and all your characters gain +2000 power until end of turn. The effect that puts two counters under End of Karma for Madoka is not applicable for this deck.


When you play Sayaka’s Wish, you may put a character you control with “Sayaka” in the name into your waiting room. If you do, you take the top card of your clock and put it into your hand, and send this card to memory.

At level 3, we have 8 characters.


Ultimate Madoka has a Heal effect when played from hand or via Change effect. Its second ability is not used in this deck.


Sayaka Miki has a Heal effect and gets +500 power for each other [Magic] character you control. When it is reversed, you send it to memory.



All CXs in the deck have 1k1 effects, which are split 4/4 between Door and Book triggers respectively.

How do we use this deck?

Author’s Note: Eddie has added some of his own thoughts and analysis for the deck.

M: If we compare the lists, we will see some differences in the cards right away. There are fewer copies of Magical Girl Appears in this list as well as one fewer copy of Time Regressor Homura. Magical Girl of Bows, Madoka, makes an appearance in the deck as a way to answer and defend against high-power level 1 characters.

E: At level 0, the idea is to build stock and to use the support Kyubey to preserve the hand. The clock encore helps push you to level 1 to avoid being stuck at level 0 too.

M: Once you move into level 1, the very familiar game of using Kyoko Shares an Apple and Second-Year Sayaka begins. The deck can have 1/0 7500 power characters which will usually be out of reach for the transition between level 0 and level 1.

E: The Sayaka’s Healing Prayers helps to maintain hand size here as well, because of its auto clock encore ability. The 1/1 Madoka gives a direct power boost but also the critical color needed to play Madoka’s Swaying Feelings in the next level.

M: Level 2 in this deck is full of Heal abilities. Magical Girl Appears is very useful here for multiple reasons; it can sculpt your hand for level 3 if you are very close to it (2/4+), it can salvage a Time Regressor Homura, and it can discard excess CXs in hand.

E: At level 2, the deck mainly wants to Heal a lot with Sayaka’s Wish and the Change into Ultimate Madoka/MadoKami/Godoka. The longer it can stay at level 2, the better!

M: At level 3, the deck becomes even more difficult to beat in a single turn because it gains access to yet another Heal ability in Sayaka Miki.

E: Most decks won’t be able to top Sayaka’s raw power, so its ability when being reversed should not matter very often.

How do we beat this deck? What does this deck not do well? Is it missing something?

M: Madoka is a deck that is very focused on Heal effects. Heal tax in particular is very effective against the deck’s entire level 3 lineup. The deck’s use of Sayaka’s Healing Prayers to build stock can mitigate that slightly early on, but more than one active Heal tax can put a deck in a bind. Sayaka’s Wish is unaffected by any Heal tax effect, however.

E: There are no ways that the deck can do a lot of extra damage, so playing catch up is very difficult. If the deck starts out doing very well, it can be very hard to lose because Heal is so strong. But if it starts out losing, it is almost an assured loss because there is no extra soul damage from abilities, only CXs. If its level 1 gets beaten soundly for example, it can mean very bad things for the deck.

Onto the interview!

M: What was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?

E: During top 8, I did exactly 7 damage in one turn and won.

M: How about a really unlucky moment?

E: The moment I found out that I was facing my brother’s deck in the finals…

M: Did you have any incredible comebacks?

E: Not really – as I said in the analysis, the deck doesn’t really come back very well. It usually just coasts to victory or defeat one way or another. laughs

M: How did the final match go for you? What did you play against?

E: The final match was really tough, as I was literally going against my brother’s deck. Even though my opponent was you (Michael) this time, I play against that deck every day at home. We would play a lot and I would always lose because the SAO deck has a lot more options to work with.

In the match, a lot of people saw that I had very perfect cancels, but in reality, those perfect cancels were also making me unable to draw any to push for damage and it really hurt my game plan badly. It was also really unfortunate that I took 10 straight damage to lose at the end, because I had all my level 3 characters ready!! But overall, it was still a good game, and I hope more people will play Godoka!

M: How did you prepare for the tournament? Did you do anything special the day of the tournament?

E: I didn’t really have to do much extra preparation – I’ve only owned 1 deck for a whole year and it’s all I’ve been playing! I guess 1 year of preparation helped. Like I said before, I play with my brother Alan all the time, so I did my best to tweak the deck to put up its best fight against the metagame powerhouses. I also play at my local stores and have won quite a few times.

M: Congratulations on the finish again! Any other shoutouts or things you would like to say?

E: I hope you (Michael) will do a deck tech on my brother’s deck as well because I have a really difficult time beating it with Godoka.

For everyone else: Don’t be mean to players. If someone makes a mistake in the move preparation process, let them take it back. We are all here to have fun with Weiss, not to get emo over it.

And to all of you with your anti-heal shouts! I see you, but I am not afraid of you! ^^v


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