Project Diva f Deck Tech – 1st at ACEN 2014 Tournament


Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we’re going to look at the deck that won the special ACEN 2014 tournament, with a report at the end!

This deck and report are brought to you by Robert Grasso. Robert emerged victorious from the field of 34 players,most of whom were playing SAO. English card names will be used, as the set has been released in English.

Let’s get started!


Level 0 – 17
2 “Never Ending Song”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E079)
4 “39 Get!”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E039)
2 Hatsune Miku”Divine Goddess” (PD/S22-E033)
3 Hatsune Miku”Solitude” (PD/S22-E090)
3 MEIKO”Long Pareo” (PD/S22-E055)
3 Megurine Luka”Resort Bikini” (PD/S22-E053)

Level 1 – 10
2 Hatsune Miku”Dark Angel” (PD/S22-E067)
2 Hatsune Miku”Kitty Cape” (PD/S22-E035)
2 Hatsune Miku”Honey Whip” (PD/S22-E043)
4 Hatsune Miku”FOnewearl Style” (PD/S22-E037)

Level 2 – 8
1 “Together with You”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E031)
2 “My Song for You”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E032)
1 Hatsune Miku”Append” (PD/S22-E038)
2 Weekender Girl (PD/S22-E046)
2 Megurine Luka”San-no-Sakura Maple” (PD/S22-E069)

Level 3 – 7
3 Hatsune Miku”Factory Tyrant” (PD/S22-E027)
4 “Electron Diva”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E026)

CX – 8
4 Sadistic.Music‡Factory (PD/S22-E048)
4 World’s End Dance Hall (PD/S22-E074b)

At level 0, we have 17 characters.


“Never Ending Song” Hatsune Miku lets you pay 1 stock to draw and discard a card. You can also pay 1 stock and rest it to Brainstorm and draw a card for each CX revealed.


“39 Get!” Hatsune Miku gives all your other characters with “Miku” in the name +500 power. You can also rest this card to give one of your characters with “Miku” in the name +500 power until end of turn.


With Hatsune Miku “Divine Goddess”, you can rest 2 [Music] characters to give a character you control +2000 power until end of turn.


Hatsune Miku “Solitude” gains +1000 power and +1 level if you have no other characters on your center stage (Back stage is OK).


When you play MEIKO “Long Pareo”, you may pay 1 stock and discard a card to Salvage a [Music] character.


Megurine Luka “Resort Bikini” is a level reverser. When it attacks, you choose up to two of your [Music] characters and those characters get +500 power until end of turn.

At level 1, we have 10 characters.


Hatsune Miku “Dark Angel” has a 0 stock, +1500 power Backup ability.


Hatsune Miku “Kitty Cape” gets +1000 power if it is in the middle position of the center stage.


Hatsune Miku “Honey Whip” is a vanilla 5500 power character.


Hatsune Miku “FOnewearl Style” has hand (character) encore.

At level 2, we have an unusual 6 characters and 2 events.


“Together With You” Hatsune Miku gives your characters in front of it +1000 power. You can rest it to give all your other [Music] characters +500 power until end of turn.


“My Song for You” Hatsune Miku gets +1000 power until end of turn whenever another [Music] character you control attacks.


Hatsune Miku “Append” has a Change ability for 2 stock and a card in hand for “”Electron Diva” Hatsune Miku”.


If you don’t control a [Music] character, you cannot play Weekender Girl. It lets you tutor (search) for  up to two [Music] characters.


Megurine Luka “San-no-Sakura Maple” has a 1 stock, +3000 power Backup ability.

At level 3, we have 7 characters.


When you play Hatsune Miku “Factory Tyrant”, you draw up to 2 cards, then discard a card. It has a CX combo with “Sadistic.Music‡Factory”: when you reverse a character with it, you may put that character into your opponent’s clock.


“Electron Diva” Hatsune Miku gets +500 power for each other [Music] character you control, and has a Heal ability when you play it or Change into it.

The CX spread is 4/4, with all 1k1 effects, and a 4/4 split between Gold and Door triggers.

How do we use this deck?

This deck has a lot of familiar cards from a previous deck that we have covered, with some key differences.

The deck has a very standard level 0 with its “loner” characters and level reversers, as well as utility in its supports. There are no tricks involving characters that send themselves to memory though.

At level 1, the deck gains access to its free Backup effect, and has a full set of Hatsune Miku “FOnewearl Style” to keep a board presence in the face of characters that are much larger, e.g. a Time Machine Miku.

At level 2, the deck has a full swath of options, as it doesn’t rely on its level 1 to carry it through the midgame. Instead of relying on super large characters, it gives them strict upgrades in the form of “My Song for You” Hatsune Miku, and better supports and even more powerful Backup effects. Weekender Girl is an all-star card here, as it can turn a bruised board into a nightmare in the course of one turn, with the added upside of thinning the deck of non-CX cards.

Level 3 is the familiar “punch to clock” and Heal effects, but they are not (always) repeatable. The Gold and Door triggers the deck uses ensures either that the following turn will be an attack with a 1k1 or with a better character.

How do we beat this deck? What does this deck not do well? Is there something missing?

Arguably, this deck is missing one of the most powerful CX combos known to the set: Time Machine Miku. However, the trade-off is that the CX Time Machine is itself only a 2k1, and does overall less damage than a 1k1 effect will. Instead of attempting to grind out an advantage at level 1, the deck opts to be much more powerful at level 2, making the level 3 effects more incidental rather than the end goal.

The deck’s maximum power on the defense is relatively low in the early levels, but its access to cheap encore effects can make up for that. Because the deck’s primary focus is not on anything other than steady attacks for 2/2/2 or 3/3/3, it will most likely have a difficult time against decks that can refresh quickly, and Heal repeatedly (e.g. Madoka). Anti-salvage and Heal tax effects will only be incidentally helpful against the deck, but they will not be especially effective. At the end game, effects that can secure a powerful board position or overpower them (such as Leafa’s Pure Wish or Beacon of Hope, Asuna in SAO/SAO vol. 2) can make the deck struggle to finish a game.

Onto the interview!


The winner! Robert Grasso

M: What was a really lucky moment you had during the tournament?

R: In round 2, I was able to run my opponent out of CXs early on. I pushed for so much damage he had to refresh, and I was able to win out from there.


M: How about a really unlucky moment?

R: The very next round actually. I had no level 0 characters even after taking a mulligan, and I kept on drawing and discarding CXs. My opponent rushed me to level 2, and then I finally was able to get a wall of oversized characters to stabilize the game, but it was really bad in the opening turns.


M: How did you prepare for the tournament?

R: I just finished the deck and showed up ready to play!


M: Congratulations again on the win, and thank you for the interview! Is there anything else you would like to say, shoutouts, and so on?

R: Shoutout to Parallel Worlds and Gaming, and to my friend Andrew who taught me how to play.

M: Thanks Robert!

One last kudos as well for Audri, the TO you may remember from a past interview. Congratulations on a successful tournament, and we’re looking forward to hearing more from the US Midwest’s Weiss Schwarz scene!

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