Railgun Deck Tech – 3rd in AD Bracket 2014 Trios

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz Deck Techs! For this article, we’re going to take a look at a high-placing deck from the 2014 WS New Year Festival Trios event: Railgun! [とある科学の超電磁砲(レールガン)]

This deck tech is brought to you by team 目指せ!新春トリオ2連覇. The deck list can be viewed here. Card names will be matched to the translations provided by Heart of the Cards.




Cards – 50

Level 0 – 14

4 “ITEM” Takitsubo (RG/W26-014)
1 Accelerator, Change in Routine (ID/W13-010)
4 Kuroko, Admiration for Onee-Sama (RG/W13-059)
2 “Railgun” Mikoto (RG/W10-051)
3 “Passion Orange” Mikoto (RG/W26-059)

Level 1 – 15

2 “Passion Pink” Uiharu (RG/W26-038)
2 Saten, Seeking help (RG/W26-051)
4 Uiharu, Kuroko’s Partner (RG/W10-035)
3 Haruue, Munching (RG/W26-050)
3 Mikoto, A Certain Day Off (RG/W26-062)
1 Uiharu & Saten, Good Classmates (RG/W13-044)

Level 2 – 6

2 “Multiskill” Kiyama (RG/W10-031)
2 Kuroko, Serious about Work (RG/W26-067)
2 Big Spider (RG/W13-047)

Level 3 – 7

2 Uiharu in Swimsuits (RG/W10-027)
3 “Academy City” Kuroko (RG/W26-058)
2 Mikoto & Kuroko, Under One Roof (RG/W13-052)

CX – 8

4 Ability and Power (RG/W10-073)
4 Eyewitness (RG/W26-078)

At level 0, we have 14 (!) characters.


With “ITEM” Takitsubo, you can pay 1 stock, put the top card of your deck into clock and rest it to tutor (search your deck) for up to 1 [ESP] character.


Accelerator, Change in Routine, despite its name, does not have an Accelerate ability, but gives another character you control +1500 until end of turn when you attack with it.


Kuroko, Admiration for Onee-Sama is a ‘runner‘.


“Railgun” Mikoto has a Brainstorm ability: pay 1 stock, and for each CX revealed, choose up to one 0 or lower cost character in your opponent’s center stage and put it into the waiting room.


“Passion Orange” Mikoto is a level reverser. Whenever a character you control reveals a CX during trigger check, you choose 1 of your characters and it gains +1000 power until end of turn.

At level 1, we have 15 characters.


When you play “Passion Pink” Uiharu, it gets +1500 power until end of turn. It also has a Brainstorm ability: pay 1 stock, and tutor for up to X [ESP] characters where X is the number of CXs revealed this way.


Saten, Seeking Help is a 1/0 5500 power vanilla character.


Uiharu, Kuroko’s Partner is a 1/0 5500 power vanilla character.


Haruue, Munching gives all your other characters +500 power, and all your other characters with “Uiharu” and/or “Saten” and/or “Hatsuharu” in the name an additional +500 power.


Mikoto, A Certain Day Off has a 0 stock +1000 power Backup ability. When you use its Backup ability, if you control 2 or more [ESP] characters, you choose 1 of your characters in battle, and it gains +X power until end of turn, where X is 500 times your level.


Uiharu & Saten, Good Classmates is a 1/1 7000 power vanilla character.

Level 2 gives us 4 characters and 2 events.


“Multiskill” Kiyama is a rare “global level support”; it gives all your other [ESP] characters +X power, where X is 500 times the level of that character. It has a CX combo with “A Teacher’s Obsession”: When you play “A Teacher’s Obsession” , you may choose an [ESP] character in your waiting room and put it into stock.


Kuroko, Serious About Work has a Change ability. At the start of your climax phase, you may pay 2 stock, discard a card and send this to memory to choose an “‘Academy City’ Kuroko” in your waiting room and put it in the slot this card was in.


Big Spider gives one of your [Judgment] characters +4000 power until end of turn and sends itself to memory.

At level 3, we have 7 characters.


Uiharu in Swimsuits has a Recollection ability that gives it +1000 power if you have 3 or more cards in memory, and a Heal ability.


When you play “Academy City” Kuroko from your hand or place it onto the stage with a Change ability, you draw up to 2 cards and discard a card. It has a CX combo with “Eyewitness”: when this character attacks, you Salvage up to 2 [ESP] characters and discard a card.


Mikoto & Kuroko, Under One Roof has a Heal ability. When it attacks, you may pay 1 stock and discard a card. If you do, it gains +2000 power and “When this character reverses a character in battle, you may deal 1 damage to your opponent” until end of turn.

The CX spread is 8 1k1 effects, with 8 Door triggers.



How do we play this deck?

Level 0 is very aggressive in terms of how many characters it has; only 14! However, Kuroko, Admiration for お姉さま is a runner, which means that it will ideally be able to sneak around in the first couple of turns and build stock. The level 0 characters are not meant to overpower other characters. While the deck does have “Passion Orange” Mikoto to deal with a full board of level 0 characters, it doesn’t have anything to reliably push something over 4000 power.

“ITEM” Takitsubo is a particularly powerful card, as it lets you access any character at a given time for only 1 stock. The additional cost of having to put a card into your clock can be leveraged in the user’s favor to avoid being stranded on a level.  Early on, it can ensure your level 1 will be as strong as possible, and late in the game it can search for bigger characters.

Given the deck’s very inexpensive level 1, the level 0 is meant to run on few characters. Repeatable Brainstorm effects are also found in both level 0 and 1. It’s during level 1 that “Railgun” Mikoto shines most as the effect allows you to remove a character with cost 0 or less for each CX revealed; removing a level 1 character is generally much more valuable than removing a level 0 character. If an opponent makes the mistake of rushing this deck to level 1 without many cards in hand, the vanilla Saten and Uiharu are there to run over any leftover level 0 characters. Haruue, Munching gives the deck’s seemingly ho-hum vanilla characters a whole +1000 power with no stock commitment. The deck also as a single 7000 power vanilla Uiharu & Saten to go over most other characters of comparable level, and even some if not most level 2 characters if it has sufficient backup.

The Backup effect in the deck scales into the late game very well. It starts as a +1500 power Backup at level 1, and then goes to a +2500 power Backup at level 3 for free.

Level 2 is where the deck sets itself up for level 3. (Authors Note: It might sound silly, but this is relevant because not every deck is built the same way. Some decks have a higher emphasis on placing a large board presence at level 2 as opposed to level 3. It so happens though, that this is another list where level 2 is mostly ignored in terms of placing slightly larger characters onto the stage.)

Kuroko, Serious About Work is in the deck to Change into an early “Academy City” Kuroko if the deck so happens to have the resources. If the deck does manage it, it can net up to two cards from the deck and waiting room, but having it early is a luxury. Big Spider’s immense +4000 power Backup is enough to keep most characters around through level 2.

Level 3 is split between Heal and Salvage effects. Mikoto & Kuroko, Under One Roof has a Heal and a Burn ability, but beyond that there is not very much variation in what the late game has to offer. By level 3, the deck should aim to HealSalvage, and possibly Burn the opponent out.

The deck has 8 Door triggers to maximize its hand size, especially given its lack of special types of encore.

What does this deck not do well? How do we beat it? Is there something missing from it?

Railgun is a fairly large series, so there are a lot of viable deck combinations in the card pool. Much of the overlap in builds is seen in the CX spreads, which tend to be 8 Door triggers.

Because of this, decks that specifically punish Salvage effects are incredibly effective against this deck. Heal tax is marginally effective, because the deck does not have any way of recurring its Heal effects outside of replaying the characters.  Anti-burn or Prevention effects are also narrowly effective against the deck, as the deck does not have any other damage-dealing effects outside of its level 3.

Level reversers can be effective at early levels, but cost reversers can also be effective. Ironically, one of the deck’s cards is one of the better tools against it: “Railgun” Mikoto. Because the deck also has no specific types of encore effects such as hand encore or clock encore, effects that send reversed characters to somewhere other than the waiting room (such as those found in Illya and SAO, including vol. 2) can help to nullify the deck’s extremely Salvage-focused strategy.

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