Fate/Zero Deck Tech – 1st in PH [email protected] Special Tournament

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we’ll be looking at Fate/Zero (EN), and a tournament report from the Philippines! This comes from the special [email protected] tournament which was held on April 9th and drew 27 players.

Author’s note: One of our local tournament organizers, Ben, paid a visit to the Philippines and organized this special event. I sent some additional prize support with him as a tournament sponsor to get the word out about the growing PH Weiss Schwarz community and as Ben’s friend. Thank you to all who participated and who support the site. Salamat!

This deck & report are brought to you by JV Pajel, who is from Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Because Fate/zero has been released in English, the official card names will be used.

First, the breakdown!

Red/Blue Fate/Zero

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

3 Ancient King, Archer (FZ/S17-E071)
3 Mage Apprentice, Kirei (FZ/S17-E094)
2 Noble Stance, Archer (FZ/S17-E058)
2 Bloodthirsty Beast, Berserker (FZ/S17-E059)
4 Throbbing Soul, Kirei (FZ/S17-E087)
2 King of Kings, Archer (FZ/S17-E065)

Level 1 – 12

2 “The Noble One”, Archer (FZ/S17-E075)
2 Flames of Purgatory (FZ/S17-E097)
3 Supreme Wine, Archer (FZ/S17-E060)
3 Curse Incarnate, Berserker (FZ/S17-E062)
2 Golden Monarch, Archer (FZ/S17-E061)

Level 2 – 9

1 Vimana (FZ/S17-E081)
2 Receiving New Flesh, Archer (FZ/S17-E091)
3 Berserker – Black Murderous Intent (FZ/S17-E070)
3 Knight of Madness, Berserker (FZ/S17-E056)

Level 3 – 5

2 Kirei Kotomine (FZ/S17-E089)
3 King of All Creation, Archer (FZ/S17-E057)

CX – 8

4 Sword of Rupture, Ea (FZ/S17-E085)
4 Identity of the Fallen Knight (FZ/S17-E083)

At level 0, we have 16 characters.


Ancient King, Archer gives characters in front of it +500 power and has the Shift ability.


Mage Apprentice, Kirei, is a vanilla 3000 power character.


Noble Stance, Archer becomes a level reverser when you have 3 or more stock. It also has a clock Bond for Kirei Kotomine,


Bloodthirsty Beast, Berserker has a clock Bond ability not used in the deck. It also has a beginning of draw phase Change into Curse Incarnate, Berserker.


Throbbing Soul, Kirei can cycle a [Master] character when you play it. (You may discard a [Master] character and draw a card.)


King of Kings, Archer, when alone, gets +1500 power and cannot be reversed by your opponent’s character effects (i.e. level reversers).

Level 0 offers a decent front line with King of Kings, Archer, as well as the opportunity to jump into level 1 with Berserker in case of early cancels or small attacks from the opponent. Noble Stance, Archer scales well into the late game, as the level 3 Kirei Kotomine can easily Heal the damage that the Bond ability deals. Throbbing Soul Kirei offers fixing and filtering early on. It sacrifices its cost of stock for a less powerful but just as relevant ability.

At level 1, we have 12 cards: 10 characters and 2 events.


“The Noble One”, Archer gains +1000 power if your opponent controls 4 or more characters.


Flames of Purgatory lets you tutor up to one [Master] and [Servant] character. After that, you discard a card and send this card to clock.


Supreme Wine, Archer has a +1000 power Backup ability. When you use it, you can pay 1 stock to give one of your battling [Master] or [Servant] characters +X power until end of turn where X is 500 times that character’s level.


Curse Incarnate, Berserker, has clock encore.


Golden Monarch, Archer becomes a cost reverser if you have a red CX in your CX area, and has hand encore.

At level 1, we get a rather stubborn board with all sorts of encore effects. The trade-off is that the power level of the characters is not extraordinarily high. Flames of Purgatory acts as a way to search for the next level’s plays and remains relevant throughout the game. Golden Monarch, Archer keeps other very large characters in check with its ability to reverse anything 1 or lower cost with a red CX.

At level 2 we have 9 cards: 8 characters and 1 event.


Vimana lets you salvage up to two characters with “Archer” in the name, then discard a card. You reveal the top card of your deck, and put it into clock if it’s a CX.


Receiving New Flesh, Archer gains hand encore if you control 3 or more [Master] and/or [Servant] characters. You can also pay 1 stock to give a [Servant] character you control +1500 power for the turn.


Berserker – Black Murderous Intent is a vanilla 10000 power character.


Knight of Madness, Berserker has a “Change” ability that triggers when you play the CX “Identity of the Fallen Knight”. When you play that card, you may put this card in the waiting room and choose a level 2 or lower [Servant] character from your waiting room and put it onto the stage in the position this card was in.

Level 2 offers the CX “combo” of Knight of Madness, Berserker, being able to switch into Berserker – Black Murderous Intent. Each 10000 Berserker has 2 soul, and is difficult to overpower. Though it has no other encore ability to protect itself, it can make a midgame turn into an endgame very quickly for an opponent because it has 2 soul.

At level 3, we have 5 characters.


Kirei Kotomine has a Heal ability. You can also pay 2 stock and rest 2 characters to tutor for up to one [Master] or [Servant] character.


King of All Creation, Archer also has a Heal ability on top of one of the most interesting CX interactions in the game. If it is on the center stage (in the front), you can pay 1 stock and discard a “Sword of Rupture, Ea” to put your opponent’s CX into his or her waiting room, and give this character +5500 power until end of turn.

Level 3 is a bit smaller, mostly due to the Berserker from level 2. Each level 3 can HealArcher can deny the opponent a lot of damage, and Kirei can search for more of any character needed for the given situation.

The CX spread is 4/4, with 1k1 Door and 2k1 +2 soul effects and triggers respectively.



How do we use this deck? 

Author’s note: JV has offered some of his own analysis that will be added to this section.

At level 0, the deck has quite a few options. It can fix its hand right away, and it can even setup for a quick Change into a Curse Incarnate, Berserker. JV has some more specifics on this:

JV: Level 0 is most likely where you can fix your hand or field presence. Getting to five stock is ideal. Make sure to either mulligan or clock any copies of Berserker – Black Murderous Intent, Curse Incarnate Berserker, Kirei Kotomine and King of All Creation Archer. Most probably, the last resort for me to drop is King of All Creation Archer or Supreme Wine Archer. These cards are pretty good to keep just in case of being behind by a level or if the opponent plays oversized characters. Another reason why it’s my last resort to either clock or drop them in hand is, in a funny sense I feel insulted when I clock it. Hey, its Archer why clock it?! (Haha) It’s like in one episode of Fate/Zero wherein Berserker manages to touch Archer’s weapons and make him stand on equal ground with him.

M: Level 1 has “The Noble One”, Archer to punish an overextended opponent. It gets access to its Backup effect that scales as the game goes on, as well as the powerful search in Flames of Purgatory. Curse Incarnate, Berserker, holds the front line as a difficult-to-remove attacker that can also double as a way to accelerate to level 2 in case the deck is ahead.

At level 2, the idea is to get a 10000 power Berserker to stay as long as possible and deal a lot of damage. Once level 3 arrives, the plan is to Heal and sustain the board with Kirei Kotomine. King of All Creation, Archer can turn off lategame CX combos and deny a lot of damage with its ability.

What does this deck not do well? How do we beat it?

Something that one may notice is the lack of answers to even more unfairly oversized characters in the deck.  While the cost reverser can reliably clear away most things that an opponent might play at level 2, it’s not the most elegant answer, because it is restricted by cost, rather than level. Effects that can get around encore can blank almost everything the deck has in the early game as well. The deck also does not have any extra ways of dealing damage outside of attacking normally.

Its level 2 can fall completely flat if it somehow fails to get a 10000 power Berserker into play. It can also face a very difficult level 2 if it manages to get one into play but only for one turn.

And now we go into the tournament report!

What was this deck’s match history in the event?

Swiss Rounds
Round 1 – Ronel – Madoka (L)
Round 2 – Homer – Love Live! (W)
Round 3 – Gio – Madoka (W)
Round 4 – Avegaille – Railgun (W)
Round 5 – Kim – Bakemonogatari (W)

Top 8

Quarterfinals –  Brandon – Bakemonogatari
Semifinals – Aki – SAO
Finals – Adrian – SAO

Winner’s Interview!

M: Tell us about the event. What was a really lucky moment for you in the tournament?

JV: Last Wednesday’s tournament was one of the best tournaments I have been in and definitely was [one] of the best and unforgettable tournaments. One of the luckiest things I can be thankful for was I arrived in time when the tournament was about to start. I was being texted by one of my teammates to hurry up it was only a few minutes until the tournament would start. I was lucky to have been able to go there at least in time and have someone register my name in the tournament.

One of my unfortunate moments in the tournament was against opponent Ronel Manata. I misplayed and would have won if my final attack pattern was right. I am the type of person who doesn’t rely much on chance but more on probability and planning something which I had when I played previous card games such as Magic the Gathering, Yugioh and Pokemon.

I was really lucky to have made it pass the rounds and won in the Top 8. On the being late part, I had trouble along the way because on that day the MRT station stopped twice on Cubao Station and Santolan-Annapolis Station. On both stations, it stopped longer than any MRT station because it was on red signal so I was late for a few minutes. In addition, when I arrived at Quezon Avenue Station, when I hurriedly went down, I kinda tripped a few stairs because I was running as fast I can while only wearing slippers.

I was lucky that my deck was really giving its all against such odds and the way it moved with what I wanted to be was in sync. It cancels when it does need to or when I least expect it (most of the time) and I was lucky that the combos were working. Homer, Avegaille and Kim gave me quite a hard time as well seeing as this is the first time I have played against a player who uses Railgun, Love Live and a customized Bakemonogatari deck so it was a bit tricky to handle them and they were quite careful with how they play. I do wish to play casuals against these 3 persons again in the future.

Thank you JV for the interview, and congratulations on the win!

Ben and JV

Organizer Ben & the Champion JV!

Be sure to check out the post on the Bushiroad offical blog to see more pictures from the event!

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