Budget Deck Tech – 100% FUN Soul Rush

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! Today’s deck tech is going to be about a fun, 100% rare-free deck from Kantai Collection!

Translations can be found on Heart of the Cards. Names will be matched to reflect the translation notes.

Author’s Note: Remember the article on soul rush and why it can work? It so happens that with Kantai Collection, you can potentially attack for more than 21 damage in a turn. If you have two copies of this deck playing against one another, and optimal (absurd) conditions, you could even attack for 39 damage or more! This is not a “serious” deck meant for competitive play, but something to have fun with. During testing, “Side attack for 8,” was said at least once.

Addendum: It has come to our attention that someone has actually thought this article to be dead serious. While this deck list here is a real deck that you can use, the rest of the analysis really is meant as a joke. We here do not advocate actually giving your opponent an unpleasant time, as stated here in the past.

Now onto the breakdown!

GY Soul Rush

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 26

4 Kagero, 1st Kagero-class Destroyer (KC/S25-011)
4 Naganami, 4th Yuugumo-class Destroyer (KC/S25-012)
1 Makigumo, 2nd Yuugumo-class Destroyer (KC/S25-015)
3 Akebono, 8th Ayanami-class Destroyer (KC/S25-055)
2 Ikazuchi, Works Hard (KC/S25-057)
4 Inazuma, Blunderer (KC/S25-061)
3 Satsuki, 5th Mutsuki-class Destroyer (KC/S25-104)
3 Michishio, 3rd Asashio-class Destroyer (KC/S25-150)
2 Arashio, 4th Asashio-class Destroyer (KC/S25-152)

Level 1 – 12

4 Compass (KC/S25-031)
4 Sendai, 1st Sendai-class Light Cruiser (KC/S25-049)
4 I-19, 3rd Junsen-class Type B Submarine (KC/S25-026)

Level 2 – 4

4 I-19 Kai, 3rd Junsen-class Type B Submarine (KC/S25-021)

Level 3 – 0

CX – 8

4 Definitely Night Battle (KC/S25-078)
4 It’s Akatsuki’s Turn, Watch Closely! (KC/S25-079)

At level 0, we have 26 (?!) characters.


Kagero, 1st Kagero-class Destroyer has a couple of abilities. When you play it from your hand, you can pay 2 stock to tutor for a [Fleet Girl] character. When damage dealt by it is canceled, you can pay 1 stock to draw a card.


Naganami, 4th Yuugumo-class Destroyer gives +500 power to all your other characters during your turn. You can also pay 2 stock and rest it to give all your [Destroyer] characters +1 soul for the turn.


Makigumo, 2nd Yuugumo-class Destroyer has an activated ability. You can pay 3 stock to have it gain +7500 power, and the option to put a character it reverses into stock for the turn.


Akebono, 8th Ayanami-class Destroyer gives your center character +1000 power (it can’t count itself). When you play it, you look at up to the top 2 cards of your deck, then put them back in the same order.


Ikazuchi, Works Hard is the “clock swap” with Brainstorm that’s been featured in previous deck techs.


Inazuma, Blunderer reveals the top card of your deck when played from your hand, and rests if it isn’t a [Fleet Girl] character. When it is placed from the stage to the waiting room, you may pay 1 stock and put the top card of your deck into your clock to tutor for a level 1 or lower character.


Satsuki, 5th Mutsuki-class Destroyer is back! It has a 2 stock encore, and is a level reverser.


Michishio, 3rd Asashio-class Destroyer can move to a vacant slot in the back row for the cost of 1 stock at the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase.


Arashio, 4th Asashio-class Destroyer lets you look at the top card of your deck and put it on the top or bottom when you play it. You can also pay 1 stock to draw and discard a card.

This soul rush deck begins with a plethora of characters that not only have utility, but have some reasonable chances of surviving a turn. Among the effects available to the deck as early as level 0 are level reversers, character tutors, filtering (draw + discard), “running” (go to another vacant slot), Brainstorm, “checking” (look at the top of the deck), and even a one-of KABOOM with the Makigumo to clear out any oversized character.

At level 1, we have 12 cards, with 8 characters and 4 events.


Compass makes another appearance in this deck. It has a Brainstorm effect for 3 cards, and if at least one CX is among the cards revealed, the battling character gains the ability “This cannot deal damage to a player” for the turn. If there is no CX among the cards, it goes to the top of the deck.


Sendai, 1st Sendai-class Light Cruiser is the true flagship of the deck. With the CX combo “Definitely Night Battle!” it gains the ability “All level 1 and lower characters gain +2 soul” until the end of your opponent’s turn. If you control more than one of these and use the CX combo, each effect will apply. (+2 soul per Sendai)


I-19, 3rd Junsen-class Type B Submarine gets +X power the turn you play it, where X is 500 times the number of [Fleet Girl] characters. When it is front attacked, you may discard a card and put it into the waiting room to choose up to one “I-19 Kai, 3rd Junsen-class Type B Submarine” in your hand and put it onto the slot it was in as the defending character.

Level 1 has Sendai, 1st Sendai-class Light Cruiser as the main source of hilarity damage in the deck. Granted, if more than one is used at the same time, the chances of landing damage go down dramatically. However, the amount of FUN increases exponentially with the number of soul being attacked for as you can see with our completely 100% foolproof real and scientific graph, where soul is matched against fun units (yes, there is an irreverent joke to be made in there somewhere) where each soul is worth about [(X+1)!/(X-1)!] fun units.


As you can see, attacking for MORE damage means MORE fun!

At level 2, we have 4 characters, the aforementioned I-19 Kai, 3rd Junsen-class Type B Submarine.


I-19 Kai, 3rd Junsen-class Type B Submarine gets +1500 power if you have 3 or fewer cards in hand. When it attacks, you can pay 2 stock and discard a [Fleet Girl] character to Bounce a level 3 or lower character in front and a level 3 or lower character in back that your opponent controls.

There are zero level 3 cards in the deck.

The CX spread is a 4/4 split between 2k1 and +2 soul effects, with all triggers being +2 soul.



How do we use this deck?

If you aren’t attacking for as much as possible every turn, you’re doing it wrong!

Level 0 is not really about building stock so much as it is about building damage. The chances that you won’t be able to play a single card in your opening turns is about 0.0007%, so attacking with at least one character is practically a given for the deck’s opening turns. Each level 0 offers something in the way of utility, on top of mostly being [Destroyer] characters as well. Naganami can function as a way to push for more damage for the cost of 2 stock, and if your opponent puts up a wall at level 1, can be used to mitigate the penalties of side attacking.

Compass is a card at its best under one of two conditions: if the character that you are using it with is already doomed to sink get reversed, or if you are at 3/4 or higher and your number of CXs remaining in deck is higher than the number of potential attacks your opponent can make. In this deck, it functions at its best most of the time because most characters will be doomed after a single turn anyway!

Hold on! How does this deck hope to maintain its hand size if all it’s doing is throwing away cards every turn?

If there is something to be said about the deck, it’s that it should be generating a steady 3 stock every turn. With that in mind, it can most likely afford to pay for expensive searching effects. Kagero, 1st Kagero-class Destroyer, though extremely expensive, is a great source of potential card advantage. Though it costs an entire turn’s worth of stock to use to its maximum, it can give the user +1 card in hand if its damage is canceled. Sendai also threatens to shorten the game severely when it creates +2 soul or sometimes even +4 soul attacks. In early turns, Michishio, 3rd Asahio-class Destroyer can sacrifice the stock it generates from attacks in exchange for being a lasting source of damage in a game- perfect for when you need to close a game with a character that just won’t go away.

Does that make Sendai really dangerous?

For both players, yes. Sendai has a symmetrical ability, which makes it significantly less likely for a player’s attacks to land. In the offensive, it will give a 3/4/3 minimum attack spread, assuming no direct attacks are made, which are only slightly favored to hit, but improve with inefficient cancels from the opponent. On the opponent’s turn, if he or she responds in kind with a massive 4/4/4 (or more) attack, Compass shines because it can maximize the efficiency of your remaining CXs and deny your opponent as much damage as possible.

What about late game?

I-19 Kai, 3rd Junsen-class Type B Submarine is there to remove any unfair effects your opponent may have sneaked through in earlier turns. It is the only form of counterplay the deck has to anything unfair. With it however, it allows you to preserve your board and reduce damage on the opponent’s turn. It’s also not a bad character to “Change” into prior to level 2. Ironically, its power boost that it gets when the user has 3 or fewer cards in hand goes well with the idea that the deck will be burning cards turn after turn to deal damage.

Remember, MORE soul means MORE fun. Winning is not what this deck wants. Winning with style points is what matters! If your opponent is at 3/6 and has only a few CXs left in the deck, remember, it’s not about winning a game; it’s about sending a message. Use that +2 soul effect and don’t look back.

How do we play against this deck? What does it not do well?

The deck is typical of soul rush strategies in general, in that most of its game is dedicated to its early game presence. Stock does not really matter to it very much, and it will be attacking for a lot every turn. However, it does not really have much of an answer for large characters at level 1, and certainly not at level 2. If the deck cannot get its opponent to level 2 before the first deck refresh, the game is very hard to win.

Also, against this deck, a way to counter it is to glare at your opponent and show him or her how much “fun” you are having when an attack for 8 soul hits.



“Just attack for 0 soul. Is that so much to ask?”

Remember that your opponent is clearly playing the deck to make sure you have as little fun as possible, while taking all the fun for him or herself. A death glare followed by a few passive-aggressive comments is sure to work wonders on your opponent.


9th CX assumes no responsibility for tables flipped, friendships lost, or cards destroyed as a result of a very fun game.

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