Project Diva f Deck Tech

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz deck techs! For this article, we’re going to look into a deck to try for the English side of things: Project Diva f – Hatsune Miku!


Image Credit: KEI


Author’s Note: It was brought to my attention that Felix is the designer of the original deck list. Due to some internal miscommunication, I believed that the list was one from our local player base (several of whom play with the set). I apologize for the oversight, and we will be striving to improve our future work even more.

Because the set has been released in English, English card names will be used.

Special thanks to our follower [permission pending] from our Facebook page for his insights on the deck and set! A few decision trees will be shown later in the article and updates will be reflected in the deck tech.

To the breakdown!


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

3 “39 Get!”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E039)
4 Megurine Luka”Resort Bikini” (PD/S22-E053)
3 MEIKO”Long Pareo” (PD/S22-E055)
2 “Never Ending Song”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E079)
1 Kagamine Len”Bad Boy” (PD/S22-E084b)
3 Hatsune Miku”Solitude” (PD/S22-E090)


3 Hatsune Miku”Divine Goddess” (PD/S22-E033)
4 Megurine Luka”Resort Bikini” (PD/S22-E053)
3 MEIKO”Long Pareo” (PD/S22-E055)
2 “Never Ending Song”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E079)
4 Hatsune Miku”Solitude” (PD/S22-E090)

Potential Inclusion:

X Hatsune Miku”Summer Memories”(PD/S22-E029)

(Additional synergy with Time Machine CX, may warrant testing)

Level 1 – 12

4 Time Machine Miku (PD/S22-P05)
3 Hatsune Miku”Kitty Cape” (PD/S22-E035)
2 Hatsune Miku”FOnewearl Style” (PD/S22-E037)
3 Kagamine Rin “Ni no Sakura: Butterfly” (PD/S22-003)

Potential adjustment:

-1 Hatsune Miku”Kitty Cape”
+1 Hatsune Miku”FOnewearl Style”

Level 2 – 7

2 “Together with You”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E031)
3 “My Song for You”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E032)
2 Hatsune Miku”Append” (PD/S22-E038)

Viable variations:

-2 Hatsune Miku”Append” (PD/S22-E038)
-3 “My Song for You”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E032)
+3 Megurine Luka”Ruby”(PD/S22-E052)
+2 Glasses(PD/S22-E071)

Level 3 – 7

4 “Electron Diva”Hatsune Miku (PD/S22-E026)
3 Hatsune Miku”Factory Tyrant” (PD/S22-E027)

CX – 8

2 Sadistic.Music‡Factory (PD/S22-E048)
3 Time Machine (PD/S22-E049)
3 World’s End Dance Hall (PD/S22-E074b)

This deck primarily uses green with a small dip into red to support Door triggers. This set will be good to use as-is for the 2014 Neo-Showdown events. (Once the events have passed, this snippet will be removed)

At level 0, we have 16 characters.


“39 Get!”Hatsune Miku gives your other characters with “Miku” in the name +500 power, and can rest to give another “Miku”-name character +500 power. Author’s note: This card is no longer in the featured decklist.

WS_PD_S22_E033Hatsune Miku”Divine Goddess” allows you to rest two [Music] characters to give a character you control +2000 power for the turn.


Megurine Luka”Resort Bikini” gives up to two of your [Music] characters +500 power when it attacks (it can target itself), and is a level reverser.

WS_PD_S22_E055 MEIKO”Long Pareo” lets you discard a card when you play it to Salvage a [Music] character from your waiting room.


“Never Ending Song” Hatsune Miku lets you pay 1 stock to draw and discard a card. You can also pay 1 stock and rest it to Brainstorm to draw a card for each CX revealed.


Kagamine Len”Bad Boy” gives your other [Music] characters +500 power during your opponent’s turn. If on the back stage, you can send it to the waiting room whenever one of your characters is sent to the waiting room to return that character, in rested position, to its original position. Author’s note: this card is no longer in the featured decklist.


Hatsune Miku”Solitude”, if playing solo on the center stage, gains +1000 power and +1 level.

At level 0, Miku has very few attackers, and a good amount of utility. The few attackers it does have are either going to clear other level 0 characters while doing as little damage as possible, or are going to maintain a decent board presence. On the attack, Miku gains an advantage with its level reversers because of the power boost they give upon attacking. MEIKO”Long Pareo” scales through the game and can be used to cash in excess CX cards drawn in the early game for characters, and can also be used in the midgame to recover level 2 or 3 characters.

At level 1, we have 12 characters.


Time Machine Miku has a CX combo with “Time Machine”. At the beginning of your encore phase where you have “Time Machine” in your Climax Zone, you may send it to memory. If you do, at the start of your next draw phase, you choose a card with the name “Time Machine Miku” in your memory and put it onto any slot on the stage, and it gains +3500 power for that turn.


Hatsune Miku”Kitty Cape” gains +1000 power if in the middle position of the center stage.


Hatsune Miku”FOnewearl Style” has hand encore.


Kagamine Rin “Ni no Sakura: Butterfly” is a 1 stock +1500 power Backup effect. When its Backup effect is used, you reveal the top card of your deck, and if the revealed card is a [Music] character, you choose one of your characters and give it +1000 power for the turn.

Miku’s level 1 game is all about extracting as much value as possible from Time Machine Miku, as well as playing larger level 1 characters with the threat of a +2500 Backup being behind it.

At level 2, we have 7 characters.


“Together with You”Hatsune Miku gives +1000 power to characters in front of it, and can rest to give your other [Music] characters +500 power for the turn.


“My Song for You”Hatsune Miku gains +1000 power for the turn whenever another one of your [Music] characters attacks.


Hatsune Miku”Append” can Change to “Electron Diva” Hatsune Miku at the start of your Climax Phase for the cost of 2 stock and a card in hand.

Update: The other variation


Megurine Luka”Ruby” has a CX combo with World’s End Dance Hall. You can pay 1 stock when it attacks to deal 1 damage to your opponent.


Glasses is a double Salvage effect for 2 stock.

At level 2, the deck offers a solid attacker and support, but also allows for a quick Change ability. Its speed comes with a higher stock cost, but with a greater upside, as having access to a Heal effect earlier than level 3 is incredibly powerful.

In the alternate line, the inclusion of the red allows the Door CX to be a live draw with an upside to deal extra damage. Glasses also allows the deck to reuse its Backup effects and maintain board presence, whichever is needed more.

At level 3, we have 7 characters.


“Electron Diva”Hatsune Miku gets +500 power for each other [Music] character you control, and has a Heal effect.


When you play Hatsune Miku”Factory Tyrant”, you draw up to two cards, then discard a card. It has a CX combo with Sadistic.Music‡Factory, where if its battle opponent becomes reversed, that character gets sent to the opponent’s clock.

Did you know? That ‡ symbol is a musical symbol used to signify a half sharp. Its use is not very widespread, especially if one is using just tuning and/or Helmholtz-Ellis intonation. Even if you don’t have perfect pitch, you can probably tell the difference!

The level 3 is very simple: attack, reverse, and Heal.

The CX spread for this deck is 3/3/2.WS_PD_S22_E048WS_PD_S22_E049WS_PD_S22_E074b

Door (1k1) CX, 3 2 Soul (2k1+Draw), 2 Bar (1k1)

How do we play this deck?

Build a Time Machine.


But please do not put your opponent in it.


The beginning of the game should be dedicated to setting up for a very long and painful level 1 for your opponent. Play the level 0 not to rush your opponent to level 1, and try to get to level 1 first. This is not a soul rush deck!

At level 1, the objective will be to snipe as many cards as possible with 1 or 2 copies of Time Machine Miku + Time Machine. It is important to note that using two on the center stage at the same time is fairly risky, as it opens up two slots to 2 soul attacks, thereby giving your opponent an opportunity for a very efficient attack for the cost of potentially two cards. Note that this does not necessarily mean that giving your opponent an open slot is a bad thing. It can be thought of as an opening for counterplay, as opposed to a strict upside or downside.

If you’re already very behind however, this can be a risky play. Again, it does not necessarily mean that it, by default, is risky. Rather, try to use one as often as possible to clear troublesome cards. 8500 power is very difficult to match while on the defense, and will require a large Backup effect to get over. Of course, with consecutive plays of Time Machine, it can render a Backup effect completely irrelevant because then the Time Machine Miku will just go for another loop to be used the following turn. Giving it a +2000 power boost from the Hatsune Miku Divine Goddess can also make any attack safe. Answer ing it constantly is and likely will be very taxing for the opponent. While it can be removed on the following turn easily, the deck runs four copies, so that it can maximize the number of times it draws the card, and uses it.

At level 2, “My Song for You”Hatsune Miku can become a 10000 power attacker on your turn, which is difficult to match at that level. It can also rush a Change into a Heal effect in “Hatsune Miku”Append. If you are able to go up an octave effective level with this Change effect, the impact is bound to be much higher at level 2 than at level 3. This is for two reasons: deck refreshes tend to happen around level 2, meaning that subsequent attacks will have a higher chance of canceling because more CXs will be in the deck, and there will be greater potential cancels because of that higher CX count.

With the alternate line, the CX combo with the Door is live, and can push for larger amounts of damage at a time, particularly in multiples. Glasses allows the deck to retrieve key cards and recur old threats, including more copies of Time Machine Miku and other Backup effects.

At level 3, the plan is as it was described previously: attack, Heal, and reverse characters. The CX combo with Factory Tyrant allows the deck to secure a victory in the face of a coin-flip attack for 3 (possibly more) soul.

What does this deck not do well? How do we beat this deck?

The decision making with regard to how a player might use a Time Machine Miku optimally is one way to find openings with this deck. Going on autopilot with Miku with its most dominating early CX combo can be punished by a single good +2 soul reply.

If the CX combo is used too soon, it can risk losing the Time Machine Miku because the card on its own only has 5000 power. The deck’s only Backup effect can only give a character a maximum of 2500 power, and 7500 power is only on par to match with other ideal powers of level 1 characters among other sets.

If playing against the Time Machine combo, attempt to bait the value play from your opponent. Now, this is highly contextual because it assumes that you have another level 1 character, and/or other cards in hand (which you should at that point in the game, unless you have decided to soul rush your opponent from a very early point due to a horrific CX flood). One thing to keep in mind is that the bonus only applies on the following turn. If you have a Backup effect in hand that will only cause a trade, pass on the trade unless you have somehow built up an overwhelming stockpile of… stock. However, if you should control a character that will become bigger upon reversing another character, consider the initial Backup effect, but only if it will cause your character to be larger. Note that this is particularly difficult to do, because among English sets, Time Machine Miku has probably the highest possible level 1 power value (short of a very ravenous Asuna Takes Shelter)

The deck’s level 3 also completely pales in comparison to other sets in terms of power. Factory Tyrant is 10000 on its own and has no other power effects, making its maximum power on the attack, assuming 2 +1000 supports and the CX combo, 13000. (However, with the Divine Goddess Miku, it can become 15000 in a pinch.) Backup effects used later in the game will have a greater impact, provided the deck one is using against it has a sufficient wall to answer the attack.

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