Madoka Deck Tech – 2nd in AD Bracket 2014 Trios

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz Deck Techs! For this article, we’re going to take a look at a high-placing deck from the 2014 WS New Year Festival Trios event: Madoka!

This deck is brought to you by team 満足同盟!!. The deck list can be viewed here. Because this set has been released in English, the official English card names will be used.

Onto the breakdown!


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 17

2 Kyubey Urges for a Contract (MM/W17-003)
4 Madoka’s Battle with Walpurgisnacht (MM/W17-032)
2 Homura Watches Over (MM/W17-024)
3 Kyoko Parts at the Subway Platform (MM/W17-072)
2 Supporting Role, Kyubey (MM/W17-067)
4 Kyoko Shares an Apple (MM/W17-063)

Level 1 – 7

1 Kyoko Arrives (MM/W17-074)
4 Second-year of Mitakihara Middle School, Sayaka (MM/W17-094)
2 Sayaka’s Healing Prayers (MM/W17-85)

Level 2 – 11

2 Madoka’s Swaying Feelings (MM/W17-027)
2 Time Regressor Homura (MM/W17-035)
4 Magical Girl Appears (MM/W17-078)
3 Sayaka’s Wish (MM/W17-098)

Level 3 – 7

3 Ultimate Madoka (MM/W17-030)
4 Sayaka Miki (MM/W17-082)

CX – 8

4 Sayaka VS Kyoko (MM/W17-079)
4 I was stupid, so stupid (MM/W17-099)

This take on Madoka takes the best of the set’s deepest colors: blue, green, and red. Because Madoka has only one set, this deck list will be good to use during the 2014 Neo-Showdown tournaments. (Once the events have passed, this snippet will be removed) In Japanese, no list has accounted for the recent Homura promo. If a list should place highly, that list will be featured under Deck Tech JP, not EN.

At level 0, we have 17 characters.




While Kyubey might not understand your desire to use it, it still gives your other [Magic] characters +500 power. It also gets a marker that can be used to pay for Change effects.



This HomuHomu rests two characters to Brainstorm. For each CX revealed, you search for a [Magic] character.




Kyoko Parts at the Subway Platform is a level 0 reverser.




Madoka’s Battle with Walpurgisnacht is a 3500 as long as you have 2 or fewer other characters on the stage.




Supporting Role, Kyubey, if also on the center stage, gives your other [Magic] character in the center slot clock encore.




食うかい?Kyoko Shares an Apple gives +1000 power to your Second-year Sayaka, and is a Bond.




The level 0 has a great variety of effects. On the attack, the Walpurgisnacht Madoka is very strong, and with a single Kyubey becomes a 4000 with no drawback. With two Kyubey, it becomes a 4500. The other supporting Kyubey provides a relevant ability into the late game, which can keep enormous boosts in check. The Homura, though slow, has a high upside in being able to search for any character in the deck. Transitioning to level 1, the deck will want to cash in on its stock to get the Bond with Kyoko Shares an Apple.

At level 1, we have a very small 7 characters.










Sayaka’s Healing Prayers is an example of an “undercosted” character, with the drawback that it automatically clock encores itself when reversed.



Kyoko isn’t thrilled when your opponent tries to kill her waifu. +1500 Backup.




It’s a rather common property of Madoka decks to have a particularly thin level 1 game, because of the oversized Sayakas the deck has access to. The level 2 events also work very well with the characters at level 1 because they can return them, as well as use them to Heal.

Level 2 has a scant 4 characters, but 7 events.












Madoka’s Swaying Feelings is a Level Support, and Change for Ultimate Madoka.




If you have five or fewer cards left in the deck when you play Time Regressor Homura, her effect triggers. You shuffle the cards from you waiting room into your deck, and all your characters gain +2000 power for the turn. Note that this effect works even if you don’t have the Madoka it refers to!


Magical Girl Appears salvages up to two characters, then discards a card.




Sayaka’s Wish has you put a Sayaka you control into the waiting room. If you do, you take the top card of your clock at put it into your hand.



The healing power of the Madoka deck begins early at level 2 with 5 cards dedicated to it. Though Madoka’s Swaying Feelings is a “slow” Change character in that it relies on using the effect during the draw phase (as opposed to the more immediate CX phase). However, that doesn’t necessarily lessen its impact, because it provides a very relevant level-scaling boost to the characters in front of it. Time Regressor Homura is also a kind of Heal, because it allows you to circumvent the refresh penalty, provided you have enough cards left in the deck to fulfill the requirements. Time Regressor Homura also gives your characters +2000 power the turn that the effect is active, which can give you a potential 3 card swing if you manage to reverse every character your opponent controls. Though the character count is low, the effects are very respectable.

Update: A question has been raised about the number of Magical Girl Appears and Madoka’s Swaying Feelings in the deck.

Here are some potential justifications for the numbers. Having a 4-of in a deck almost ensures that a player will see at least one copy in their game. Magical Girl Appears has two very powerful effects. First, it allows a player to Salvage two characters, and it allows the player to discard a card. At level 2, it is very likely that a player will be nearing their first refresh.  Because only one CX can be played per turn, the card gives a way out to get rid of excess drawn CXs in hand. In addition, it allows a player to clock almost any character they want or need to, because it will be possible to Salvage it later on. This means that the most important cards, such as Time Regressor Homura, don’t have to be held in the hand for the entirety of a game. It might seem minor, but having those options even affects the deck down to its very first turn! This also means that Magical Girl Appears is a kind of proxy for any number of utility cards that are in the deck. Instead of having to run, for example, four copies of Time Regressor Homura, it can run two instead. The deck designer most likely wanted to use the Time Regressor Homura’s effect as consistently as possible, thus the second copy as opposed to the more “conventional” singleton copy.

At level 3, we have 7 characters.









For this deck, Ultimate Madoka is only a Heal effect on a 10000 power character.




Sayaka Miki gets +500 power for each other [Magic] character you control, has a Heal ability, but then sends herself to memory if reversed.



The level 3 of this deck does not have many fancy effects, just a large 12000 power Sayaka (provided you have a full board and no other boosts) that can be relatively difficult to overcome. She can be saved with her own wish (ironic!) by forcing her to the waiting room instead of memory in case an attack would reverse her. Ultimate Madoka is there ideally to come out before level 3 to Heal once, and reverse a level 2 character or two.

The CX spread is 4/4:





Both are 1k1 effects, with Door and Book triggers respectively.

How do we play this deck?

This build of Madoka is fairly straightforward. At level 0, we have the pair of Walpurgisnacht Madoka and Kyoko to either clear or trade with other level 0 characters. The support characters are there to improve power, compression, and eventually, the level 1 game.

At level 1, it’s all about Sayaka. Kyoko Shares an Apple will Bond back your vanilla Sayaka, and will give you a very solid front row. This front row is supposed to last you for two levels though, because the deck does not have a whole lot to offer in level 2 besides its Change and Time Regressor Homura tricks.

At level 2 though, the deck does have access to its events. Magical Girl Appears can help out during a CX flood – salvaging two and discarding a CX is quite helpful. It can also be used to discard an Ultimate Madoka that may be stranded in the hand for a next turn Change. Sayaka’s Wish achieves card parity and can even be like a double heal if you use it on a would-be-reversed Sayaka’s Healing Prayers. Note that if you do ‘sacrifice’ a Sayaka that is in the front row being front attacked, the attack does NOT become a direct attack!

At level 3, it’s Heal Heal Heal and wall up with more large Sayakas.

What does this deck not do well? How do we beat this deck?

A more relevant for this deck will be included in an article after more deck techs have been posted for the various sets that have been released in English. However, there are some notable weaknesses that Madoka has.

Its level 1 is dangerously thin, and can potentially miss completely. Having a very strong level 2 game is also a sure way to ‘wall up’ against Madoka; it will likely get ahead early but may be unable to sustain its damage especially if it levels the opponent early with at least 3 stock. Its level 3 is rather subpar in terms of raw power, because 12000 is not incredibly difficult for a set such as SAO to have a character go way beyond that number (14500, etc). Its total potential power is 15000, but only for a Sayaka in the center slot in front of two Madoka’s Swaying Feelings on a full board. Side slots would only max out at 13500.

As more English deck techs are released, a better picture of the English metagame will be captured, and the analyses on these deck lists will improve.

Questions? Comments? Have an idea for another article? Send us an email at theninthcx AT gmail DOT com! Thanks for reading!