For Fun – Wooser!

When he is not demanding your money or obedience, Wooser is sometimes okay with you, the player, having some fun.

As you may have noticed, there are a few cards that Wooser so chose to … allow you to have in his special set.











When you play Wooser, Investigating, you may put the top card of your deck into your clock. If you do, you ask your opponent how many CXs is in his or her hand. If you think they are lying, they can reveal their hand, and if they were, they put the top card of their deck into their level zone.


Wooser, Go On a Trip, sends you on a trip when he gets reversed. The instructions on the card are to return immediately if your opponent should come looking for you. Else, buying stuff and going to the bathroom counts.



Wooser, Full-spirited Kowtow gives you the ability to beg for your life– ask your opponent to cancel any damage you take, at the cost of a shoulder rub at the end of the game. (It’s also a level support)



Wooser, Shopping, allows you to pay 2 stock and however much money it takes to buy a booster pack, open it, and take a character from it and put it onto the stage in any slot.



Wooser, White Day Present, puts itself into memory if placed onto the stage in any way other than being fully paid for and from the hand. When you play it, you may discard five cards. If you do, put it into your opponent’s level zone.


So, what? How do we use these? 

In a tournament, you don’t! These cards from Wooser are really just to have a bit of extra fun with the game.

But what if I wanted to use them seriously, for fun?

In that case, you should run as many of Wooser, Investigating as possible. The value of your opponent lying and getting caught are so low, that your opponent will usually, if not always, tell you the truth. But if they know that you’ll just nod and accept the answer, you may be tempted to take his or her word for it and not pay the cost. Whenever in doubt (and that’s always, unless you’ve seen his or her hand somehow), pay the cost! (However you manage the mind games thereafter is up to you. But if you know the number of CXs that might be left in the deck, then I give you the math!)

What if I wanted to take a trip? Where can I buy things?

Generally, you shouldn’t venture far from your opponent. It has been suggested by some players to go and purchase some food for yourself if Wooser says so. Note: Saying that you’ll get something for your opponent is a good way to get him or her to watch your cards and not come looking for you. If you find yourself playing a game in the Bay Area in California for example, you might walk down the street to a shop that sells pearl tea, or to a Starbucks. If in Singapore, BreadTalk is a great place. If in the Philippines, Jolibee is quite popular. If in Australia, Hungry Jack’s-

Whoa whoa, this isn’t a food blog!

In that case, I would highly recommend the finest toilet paper for the unceremonious bathroom trip. To ensure the safety and sanity of those around you, please make sure your hands are washed before resuming the game.

Doesn’t offering your opponent a massage violate some sort of law somewhere?

Please please please please please make sure your opponent is aware of the card effects are you using before you begin a match. Just as it would be in a tournament game, clear communication is vital!

If you intend to troll the living daylights out of your friend however… well…

When should I use Wooser, Shopping?

If you are truly dedicated to your waifu (or husbando) who is locked away in that booster box somewhere, do your duty and purchase a pack! Rip open that wallet (or purse, or bag, or Kyubey) and throw your money to set him or her free!

 That’s a little extreme, isn’t it?


But then Wooser, White Day Present, could really be fun to use! How should I set it up?

First off, you should only play this on March 14th. While some of us may celebrate 3/14 as Pi Day, White Day is observed in Japan as well as South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

For those of us in North America who have not heard of this, it can be described as a kind of return (or worse, comeuppance) for Valentine’s Day. In the previously mentioned cultures, the exchange of chocolate is not necessarily simultaneous. Guys give girls chocolate on Valentine’s Day, and girls give guys chocolate on White Day.

But this card costs 14 stock!

Deck – 50

Characters – 42

CX – 8

4 White Day Present, Wooser

38 Of anything else that costs 0 stock, ideally things that can search or salvage

Game plan:

On February 14th, give your opponent a box of chocolate. If your opponent is of the same sex, this could cause some awkward moments/feelings/complications. If your opponent is of the opposite sex, this could cause some awkward moments/feelings/complications. Regardless, proper adherence to protocol is vital. Once in a game on March 14th, throw everything at your opponent during every turn possible. If you have 1k1 or +2 soul effects, use them, but make sure to keep sufficient cards in hand.

If chocolate gets thrown in your face once you have played White Day Present, Wooser, mission accomplished!

Thanks for reading!

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