Wooser Deck Tech – 1st in BC Bracket 2014 Trios

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz Deck Techs! For this article, we’re going to take a look at a high-placing deck from the 2014 WS New Year Festival Trios event: Wooser!

This deck is brought to you by team だいせんころがす. The deck list can be viewed here. The names have been adjusted to align with translations from Heart of the Cards.

Now, the breakdown!


Cards – 50

Level 0 – 14

4 Wooser Begins (Woo/SE19-001)
4 Wooser, Otawamure (Woo/SE19-003)
3 Wooser, Teaching of Three Arrows (Woo/SE19-004)
3 Wooser, One Click of Doom (Woo/SE19-005)

Level 1 – 14

3 Wooser, Proof of Manliness (Woo/SE19-006)
4 Wooser on Icy Island (Woo/SE19-008)
4 Wooser on April 2nd (Woo/SE19-009)
3 Respect of Three Girls (Woo/SE19-015)

Level 2 – 10

2 Wooser, Emperor (Woo/SE19-010)
4 Wooser, Principal King of Darkness (Woo/SE19-011)
4 Wooser, Summoned Hero (Woo/SE19-012)

Level 3 – 4

4 His Royal Highness Wooser (Woo/SE19-013)

CX – 8

4 Notification of Cancellation of Christmas (Woo/SE19-016)
3 Do You Believe in God? (Woo/SE19-017)
1 Act 1 Complete (Woo/SE19-018)

This deck (much like the character) is 100% yellow. Anyone that tells you otherwise will be found and destroyed by the great Wooser.

At level 0, we have 14 characters.














woo_se19_001Wooser begins when he says he begins. So, when he is alone, he gains a level and becomes a 3500 with hand encore.




Wooser is not your plaything. But when he must attack, he will give a character +1500 power for the turn.




When another [Mystery] character attacks, Wooser feeds upon their energy and gains +1000 power. If the top of your deck is not considerate to this almighty Wooser, he will decrease his power out of spite; -2000 power if a CX is revealed during the attack.


Do not explode the Wooser. If Wooser explodes, he explodes you! (Clock punish upon reversal)




There are few level 0 cards in this deck, but the ones that are there are very effective in attacking. There are no supports at level 0, and the deck can go first or second very well. If it goes first, Wooser Begins is a 3500 that must be dealt with characters of equal or greater power. If the opponent sets up a formidable wall, Otawamure Wooser boosts another character by 1500 for the turn, which is a very relevant number, and is usually enough to go over other characters at the same level. The 4000 Wooser can doom an opponent’s level 0 characters if it goes second.

At level 1, we have 11 characters and 3 events.











woo_se19_006The great Wooser proves his manliness to you with the ability to give you stock without having to lift an ear to attack. He also gives +500 to characters in front of him.



If Christmas is canceled, when this Wooser attacks, you reveal the top card of your deck and put it into your hand if it is a [Mystery] character. If Christmas isn’t canceled, don’t bother Wooser.



This Wooser will hurt you for an encore. As many times as you want…




This event allows you to look at up to 4 cards from the top of your deck, choose up to 1 [Mystery] character, reveal it, and put it into your hand. The rest of the cards go to the waiting room. You give one character you control +2000 power and +1 soul, and this event goes to clock.


Wooser’s level 1 allows you to build stock in a unique way. Wooser, when he gains the proof of his manliness, can rest for a turn to put a card under him, and then the following turn, can rest to put that marker into your stock. While this is the equivalent of a two-turn attack, it involves no risk to the player, aside from the usual risk of triggering a CX normally from an attack. Wooser on Icy Island allows you to sculpt a hand for later levels with the CX combo. The Wooser with clock encore is fairly typical, but the real power comes from the event. Though the “cost” is to put it into the clock, being able to clear 4 cards (it is extraordinarily unlikely that a character will not be among the top 4 cards) and get a character from it for no stock is a unique and powerful effect. It also can give further card advantage if it boosts a character enough to take another out.

At level 2, we have 10 characters.





(+3000 Backup)



Wooser, Principal King of Darkness gives all your other wonderful [Mystery] characters +1000 power, and you can pay 2 and discard at card at the beginning of the CX phase to have His Royal Highness Wooser descend from the heavens waiting room.


Wooser, Summoned Hero, can only be called to save you from your pitiful game if you have 4 or more characters already on the stage.



Level 2 is effectively level 3 for Wooser, because Wooser’s love of using money stock for solving problems comes through at last. Yes, for the cost of a mere 2 stock and a card, you can ignore the shackles of mere level requirement and get His Royal Highness Wooser, the only level 3 character in the deck.



His Royal Highness will Heal you and can boost one of your other characters by +3000 power if he side attacks (presumably after determining that the character in front of him is unworthy).



So all the stock saving that was done in the early levels pays off at last with the level 2 Change effect. Wooser, Summoned Hero, is super efficient for the cost, but demands a (nearly) full field before he will show up. Given the staying power of the other support characters and the ease of maintaining a decent hand size, this will likely not be a difficult task.

The CX spread is 4/3/1:








The deck maximizes the potential for the level 1 CX combo being used by using all 4 copies available, and then splits the effects of the Bounce and +2 soul 3/1 for huge potential damage. There are games where sometimes the opponent does experience a CX flood and a +2 soul would get one much more ahead than a 1k1 effect; that is most likely why it is included.

How do we play this deck?

There are not very many intricate combos or interactions to memorize with Wooser. The level 0 does have only 14 characters, which means that there is a slightly larger risk of hiccuping or faltering at level 0. However, the level 1 Wooser support that builds stock slowly can help claw your way back into a game. If you’re even or ahead though, that support can push an advantage even more.

Wooser on Icy Island loves it when Christmas is canceled, and helps keep the hand stocked throughout a game, and the event is a very powerful card.

At level 2, the change to level 3 can happen right away, without needing to wait for a turn cycle. Though it costs 3 stock and 2 cards, it still puts out a 10000 power attacker which is not easily dealt with before level 3. Because it has the Heal ability, a Bounce effect is not as effective against it.

Being at level 1/5 is potentially quite dangerous for the opponent, because from 1/5 you can have His Royal Highness Wooser attacking (clock for turn, 1/6, use Respect of Three Girls, 2/0, play 2/1 support Wooser, pay 2 + discard, profit!). While it may not be a completely “efficient” play (1/6 would be for maximum efficiency, though in effect it is the same), it still gives you access to a 10000 power character very early on that is difficult to remove.

What does this deck not do well? How do we beat the deck?

Because Wooser is only one color, there are not a great variety of effects that it has. In this case, its triggers at worst could be a Bounce, or maybe a +2 soul. There are no Door triggers to worry about, and no other recursion. Most of its boosts are only for a single turn, which is typical of effects from yellow. Characters with hand encore are generally favored against it. Though it isn’t critical to deny the opponent the Change effect, it is still the one real “trick” the deck has to get ahead.

At level 0, go slow and remove characters 1 for 1 when possible. At level 1, use the cards generated from the slow start to build a solid level 1 and clear the board every turn possible. At that point, they will have two possible paths; build damage with clock encore Woosers or build advantage with Wooser on Icy Island. Some mix of both could be used, and that is the worst possible scenario to see from them. Because level 2 and 3 are effectively the same for the deck, effects that put it severely behind on damage are highly effective. 1k1 effects are fine, but +2 soul shines here if you are level 0-2.

What about other matchups?

Here we have a deck that gives 0 cares about Dog Days. Against a deck with effects that trigger upon the use of Bond or Salvage effects, Wooser is much more concerned with its own agenda. In fact, Wooser does not really interact with a great number of decks in that regard.


As always, these are just ideas, and should not be seen as hard facts about the deck.

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