Milky Holmes Deck Tech – 1st in AD Bracket 2014 Trios

Welcome to the 9th CX’s Weiss Schwarz Deck Techs! For this article, we’re going to take a look at a high-placing deck list from the 2014 WS New Year Festival Trios event: Milky Holmes!

This deck is brought to you by team リヴァイ班(オタク). The deck list can be seen here.

We’ll start with the breakdown. The names have been adjusted to align with those provided by Heart of the Cards.  In the case that the card has not been translated, in-house translations have been used.

Milky Holmes

Cards – 50

Level 0 – 16

4 Nero, Bunny-Eared (MK2/S19-004)
2 Nero, Monster Exterminator (MK2/S19-P22)
3 Energetic Nero (MK/S11-058)
1 Recording Sheryl (MK/S11-059)
4 Panicking Cordelia (MK-S11-079)
2 Cordelia, Obsessed with Dumplings (MK2/S19-P23)

Level 1 – 16

4 Elly, Christmas Girl (MK2/S19-P12)
4 Natural Girl Sheryl (MK/S11-055)
4 Elly, Bunny-Eared (MK2/S19-079)
4 Cordelia in Summer Outfit (MK2/S19-076)

Level 2 – 0!

Level 3 – 10

4 Elly, Full of Knowledge (MK2/S19-032)
2 Sheryl, Witch Girl (MK2/S19-P11)
4 Brave yet Single-Minded Sheryl (MK/S11-T07)

CX – 8

4 Psychokinesis (MK/S11-T09)
4 Yo-Yo Police (MK2/S19-075)

The deck is three colors (Red/Blue/Green), though it is primarily red and blue until level 3.

At level 0, we have 16 characters.













mk2_s19_004Nero, Bunny-Eared is a “loner” character that gains +1000 power and hand encore if you control 1 or fewer other characters.




Nero, Monster Exterminator has a repeatable Brainstorm ability that gives +1 soul to a character for each CX revealed.




Energetic Nero has two abilities, one which is a generic Salvage effect for [Detective] characters, and the other is a Bond with the level 3 “Brave yet Single-Minded Sheryl”.




Recording Sheryl has a triggered ability. When you play it from your hand, you can discard a CX and then Salvage a [Detective] character.




Panicking Cordelia has a very unique effect. Aside from giving all your [Detective] characters +500 power, you can also pay 1 stock when you play it from your hand to swap a card from your level zone with a card in your waiting room.



Cordelia, Obsessed with Dumplings puts the top two cards of your deck into the waiting room when it’s played from the hand, and rests if there is a CX in those cards.



The level 0 game for this build of Milky Holmes is very much about building a small supply of stock through one or two characters at a time. Each character has a very unique and niche ability that works with the deck in some way. At level 0, Nero, Bunny-Eared and Cordelia, Obsessed with Dumplings make up the ideal front line. At 3500 and 4000 respectively, they are very difficult to overcome short of using level reversers or other boosts. Cordelia also clears two cards from the deck when played, which can be used to one’s advantage in the late game. For example, if you had no CXs in stock or level and only had two cards left in the deck, one or both of which were known to be CXs, Cordelia could be used for a potentially perfect refresh.

Panicking Cordelia is where the real utility lies, as its ability becomes truly relevant at level 1 and on. Panicking Coredlia can swap CXs from the level zone to the waiting room, and swap them in with the appropriate level 3 character needed for Experience, or the appropriate color card needed to play a character in later levels. This ability can also trigger other abilities in the deck. The ability to manipulate cards in the level zone is part of this deck’s core strategy.

Because at level 1, we have another 16 characters.


The level 0 character configuration in this deck can be very stock intensive, especially in later turns. Fortunately, the stock requirements for the deck’s level 1 plan are very light. None of the cards costs any stock, even the card with Backup!



Elly, Christmas Girl, is a “free” +3000 power Backup. The “drawback” is that when the Backup ability is used, you must choose a card in your level zone and a CX in your waiting room and swap them. If you don’t have any CXs in your waiting room, this trigger will resolve and do nothing.  (You’ll still get your +3000 though)


Natural Girl Sheryl gets +500 power for each of your other [Detective] characters, and has hand encore.




Elly, Bunny-Eared gives all your other [Detective] characters +500 power. You can also rest 2 [Detective] characters to swap a card from your level zone with a card from your waiting room.



Cordelia in Summer Outfit gets +1000 power with Experience 2, and whenever a card is placed into your level zone, it gains +1500 power for the turn, max once per turn.



This deck contains no level 2 characters nor events, which means that until level 3, these cards are it! Cordelia in Summer Outfit’s Experience is very easy to utilize, and can become a 7000 power attacker for little to no stock. Elly, Bunny-Eared doubles as the level zone manipulation engine for the deck while also having enough stats to clear level 0 characters. Natural Girl Sheryl rewards the user for having a full board, making it at least have 6000 power, but with the number of global boosts, can be 7000 or even 8000. Hand encore ensures that she will be very difficult to get rid of, and that’s even before considering Elly, Christmas Girl. Milky Holmes has a very powerful card in Elly, Christmas Girl, as +3000 power Backup effects are typically only seen at level 2 and up. The drawback can be significant toward the end of level 2, and especially if a deck refresh is within striking distance. But before that, it is a mere inconvenience that can actually be a boon for triggering Cordelia in Summer Outfit’s ability on the opponent’s turn!

At level 3, we have 10 characters.



Elly, Full of Knowledge gives the character opposite of it -1 soul. When a card is placed in the level zone, up to once per turn, you choose 2 characters you control to gain +2000 power for the turn.



Sheryl, Witch Girl has a Heal effect. You can pay 1 stock and discard a card when a card is placed in your level zone to give this card +1500 power, and the ability “When the battle opponent of this character is reversed, you may deal 1 damage to your opponent (it can be canceled)” for the turn.


Brave yet Single Minded Sheryl also has a Heal effect. It has a CX combo with Psychokinesis when it attacks; you may pay 1 to salvage a character and give your [Detective] characters (including itself) +2000 power for the turn.


The level 3 for this deck does a lot of things. Elly, Full of Knowledge can build a wall that can mitigate a lot of damage with its -1 soul ability. Both Sheryl characters Heal when they are put onto the stage from hand. Sheryl, Witch Girl, can get in for extra damage, while Brave yet Single Minded Sheryl can continuously retrieve other characters with Heal, or Elly, Christmas Girl, to ensure field presence for the following turn. The kinds of power boosts that the level 3 has access to may see average powers of 12000 to 13000; not unreasonable, but with the level zone triggers, can attack with values at 15000 or higher.

All CXs in the deck have the 1k1 effect and the Door trigger.






How do we play this deck?

Practice, practice, practice. This Milky Holmes deck uses a very rare mechanic in being able to swap cards from the waiting room with those in the level zone. There are a lot of triggers and things to pay attention to, but, at the same time, the game plan for the first three levels is remarkably simple: play characters, make them big, protect them with the ‘free’ counter, and then smash with the largest level 3 characters possible.

A major strength of this deck lies in its resilience. Because of the rarity of effects that send characters to another zone when reversed before level 3, it is highly likely that the characters that this deck plays will make at least two or three appearances in a given game.

The use of all 8 CXs being 1k1 Door triggers means that every CX drawn will do the same thing. It seems odd to mention, (it’s so obvious, right?) but this does give the deck even more consistency.

What does this deck not do well? How do we beat the deck?

Strangely enough, this deck does not have a great way to resolve drawing more than two CXs. One copy of Recording Sheryl is included in the deck as kind of an answer, but aside from having two copies of a card that can repeatedly Brainstorm, the deck has nothing else.

At level 1 is when the deck gains access to its deadly 3000 power Backup. If you have the option and believe you have a shot at actually taking out a level 1 character, attack the Cordelia in Summer Outfit first. This even applies if your opponent has no CXs in his or her waiting room.


Because if they cancel the attack, they can simply wait until your next frontal attack to use their Backup, which will then trigger the Cordelia in Summer Outfit’s effect.

If your deck has a solid level 2 game, it may also be worthwhile to purposely clear your own board turn after turn with sacrificial frontal attacks (maybe with a +2 soul or 1k1 CX), to effectively accelerate you to level 2. While this strategy is risky, it may be the only practical solution, especially if your deck’s level 1 has a good number of characters that cost stock.

How about other matchups?

If you’re in a fun mood, Wooser Want(s) to Destroy the World can routinely (or just once, depends on what you want) explode the board, providing one of the game’s rarest but most efficient answers to a Milky Holmes wall at level 3.

Though it cannot interact with the level zone swapping portion of the deck, Dog Days is still very live against this deck’s strategy. However, there is a great deal of counterplay that Milky Holmes has because though it does have a great number of salvage effects, it is more dependent on manipulating the level zone than it is retrieving characters from the waiting room.

These are just a couple of ideas of the hundreds if not thousands of decks that exist. By no means should these ideas be considered “the only ways” to fight this deck.

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