For Fun – Getting Hit For 50

Players that have played the game for long enough may have heard about the legendary card from Lucky Star that gets +50 soul.

For those that have not:

Presenting, Miyuki, Completionist General! (Card name taken to match translation from Heart of the Cards)


This card from Lucky Star gives itself +50 soul the turn that it’s placed on the center stage.

That’s ridiculous! Who would want to do such a thing?

If for some reason you wanted to guarantee a canceled attack (and are playing Lucky Star), this is the perfect card to do so. If one is playing Standard (all sets), there is also a combo with this and a certain card that gives a power boost for each soul the character has.

So, no point then?

Not really, except to have a hilariously large attack, or hilariously large character.

But then what are the chances of actually dying to this card?

Excellent question!

There are a lot of variations of situations that involve getting all of one’s CXs sent to memory, put into stock, and/or drawn in hand. For this funny little math venture, we’re going to assume that the player is going first.

Now let’s say that you’re playing a deck with 16 level 0 characters. Obviously you need them to play the beginning of the game, and CXs drawn and mulliganed would render this situation impossible. So, we’re going to suppose that you drew a hand with no level 0 characters, and then drew 5 CXs. The chance of drawing no level 0 characters in an opening hand with 16 in the deck is about 13%, and the chances of drawing 5 CXs thereafter (8 CXs in deck, 45 cards in deck), is a whopping 0.00458%. But while we are going even further down the rabbit hole, we’re going to assume that you draw (gasp!) a level 0 character.

Drawing a level 0 character in that situation has a 40% probability. Continuing this sad saga of the player that is about to flip over his/her entire deck into the damage resolution zone and lose, we will assume that you clock a CX and are miraculously able find 2 of the 3 remaining CXs in the deck (0.404%). Because you are going first, you send your one precious character to the center stage and fling it at the opponent hopefully, and with a magical sparkle, the last CX appears off the top of your deck (2.7027%).

Now through a series of magical shenanigans, eventually your opponent plays the Miyuki, (presumably after conveniently hiding the CXs in your hand somewhere off the table… maybe the floor?), and attacks you for 51+ soul.

Multiplying everything together to get the probability of this entire scenario yields the incredibly difficult (rounded) number:

2.5978e-10 or 2.5978*10^-10

Or 0.000000025978%.

To put this into perspective, according to National Geographic, the chances of becoming a victim of a lightning strike in the United States in a given year are 1 in 700,000, or 0.000142857%.

In other words, you are about 5,500 times MORE likely to be struck by a bolt of lightning in a given year (in the United States) than lose a game of Weiss Schwarz this way.

All I know is that if this should ever to me, I may have the urge to fly a kite on a rainy day.

Thanks for reading!

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