Starting Out – Welcome to Weiss Schwarz!

Are you looking to get into Weiss Schwarz, or have you just started?

If so, this is the article for you. Welcome to Weiss Schwarz!

What Is The Game About?

Are you an anime enthusiast? If so, this game is definitely for you! Weiss Schwarz lets us all play with cards from our favorite anime series. It offers a combination of mild complexity, (generally) simple game mechanics, and our favorite memories.

Wait, memories?

Let’s say you’re a fan of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Remember this scene?

Card Image

Scenes from our favorite series get to be used as cards with powerful effects, and our favorite characters (or waifus, prefer that term) go to battle!


Even if Madoka isn’t your series, there are more than sixty sets in this game that you can use. Best of all, Weiss Schwarz does not have a time-based rotation of legal sets.

You can buy cards once, and use them for as long as you want!

How should I enjoy WS (Weiss Schwarz)? Who should I talk to about the game?

WS is a fun game! Play often, play for fun, play to win; it’s all good. As with other games though, don’t play to give others a bad time, and certainly, do not play to bully other players. This should sound ridiculous to people, but it has to be said, because things like that do happen. WS is best enjoyed without a hardcore competitive mindset, but players are certainly not held to that.

When starting out, enjoy the challenge. Play against more experienced players and ask as many questions as you can. There are no bad questions! If you are unsure of a card effect would resolve, or if there’s an obscure rule that you want to know more about, ask! There are a good number of groups dedicated to Weiss Schwarz on Facebook, so don’t be shy – join up!

If there is no one available or around to take your question, you can always send an email to theninthcx AT gmail DOT com, and we will do our best to give you an answer as soon as possible!

If you’re more of a collector of all things もえ and/or shiny, WS offers foil (or holo) cards, as well as the very hard-to-find sign card, featuring autographs and special messages from the voice actors! Part of the fun with WS isn’t even in playing; it’s in opening packs!

Illya UberBox

Sometimes, you get hit by a bolt of lightning named “Good Luck”. The community tends to celebrate these moments and be supportive of other players who open well. So don’t be afraid; snap photos of those ‘uber boxes’ and rare ‘sign cards’ and share them!

What about the players?

I, (now speaking for myself,) have yet to run into a person that played Weiss Schwarz that deliberately tried to make my experience unpleasant. Similarly, I have yet to see a WS player do that to anyone else. As with any card game, there will be a sour apple here and there. But WS in particular has a very friendly and welcoming player base.

Is this game super competitive?

Heads up to those that may be grinders from other games – Weiss Schwarz does not have a structure to support competitive play. There are no large cash prizes, and there are no enormous tournaments. There is one large tournament, called the World Grand Prix (WGP) that takes place every year, and even then, there is no monetary prize given at that event. So if you are looking to become a pro gamer, this isn’t the game for you. Sorry!

What should I play?

Your favorite series.

Wait, but what about the best deck?

WS has a lot of sets, and a lot of different effects. While there are different levels of power among these sets, anything can still beat anything. Terms such as “viability” and the “metagame” don’t really come into play until you’ve mastered the basics. My advice? Pick up a trial deck. Trial decks offer a rich experience while being completely playable off the shelf. In fact, trial decks have placed in the top cut and even won tournaments before.

Where should I play?

Once you’ve connected to your local WS community, find out where they’re playing. Usually there is a shop or two where people tend to play at regular times. Sometimes, people contact each other via Skype to battle over the internet.

What’s 9th CX?

The 9th CX is a blog dedicated to Weiss Schwarz strategy, with articles ranging from the basics to the most complex questions. Be sure to check in regularly every Monday for new content! We have monthly box giveaways, so be sure to follow us on Facebook! If you have any questions or ideas for new articles, or want to just drop a line, send us a message or an email at theninthcx AT gmail DOT com!

Welcome to Weiss Schwarz!

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